2008 REPTILES Articles Index

An index of all the articles that appeared in REPTILES magazine during the year 2008.

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Supplement And Reference Archive 2008

Breeder's Choice

January: Albino red-footed tortoise.

February: Corn snake.


March: Amazon tree boa and emerald tree boa hybrid.

April: Veiled chameleon.

May: Kwangtung River turtle.

June: Candy cane boa constrictor.

July: Super stripe boa constrictor.


August: Red-eyed, leucistic monocled cobra.

September: Piebald black-pastel ball python.

October: Piebald veiled chameleon.

November: Titanium reticulated python.


December: Desert ball python.

Herpetological Queries

January: Introduced Boas, A Kink in the Deal, Space Permitting, Check out the Cholla.

February: If You Must Mix Animals, Toxic Garden Pals, The Scoop on Sandfish.

March: Leopard Rat Snakes, Stop the Barfing, Box Turtle Conundrum.


April: Snake Surprise, Iguana Etiquette, Uncommon Knob-Tail.

May: Ship Safely, New Blue, Iguanas Still Popular, Find the Bulge.

June: Skink Swap, Ready for a Close-Up?, Museum Quality.


July: Venomous Reporting, Earthy Panthers, Crazy Idea?, Fair Warning.

August: Let's Talk Terrapin, Physical Traits Don't Cut It.

September: Camera-Shy Herps?, Keep Secrets Without Killing.

October: The GEICO Gecko Revealed, Roach Wars, Artificial Safety, More Python Controversy.


November: Twin Herps, On the Map, Perfecting Temperature, Send It Safely.

December: Look; Don't Touch, Striped Bull, Power up to Present Well.

Into the Wild

January: Tight Trip: A cave salamander search reveals an unexpected find.

February: Crisscrossing High Desert: An avid herper tracks herps in Arizona.

March: Spring Peeper Serenade: Witness an annual Ohio amphibian migration.

April: Leopard Quest: Find the frogs across the U.S.

May: Beyond the Pond: A backpacker takes an interest in a marbled turtle.

June: On the Fringes: A road trip leads to singing sand dunes and fast lizards.

July: Herping the "Pearl": Discover Sri Lanka's diverse reptile population.

August: Slick Success: Herpers hunt for yellow-bellied sea snakes.

September: Herping at Lunch: A one-hour break becomes an adventure.

October: Cayman Blues: Blue iguanas on Grand Cayman Island.

November: Unexplored Territory: Guyana's Kanuku Mountains.

December: Redwood Rendezvous: Collecting memories in California.

Living With Reptiles

January: Ode to Otis: An African savannah monitor captures the heart of his owner.

February: Rams Gone Awry: A Florida reptile rehabilitator recounts her most successful rescue.

March: A Hobby That Fit: A Floridian collects reptiles after he's told to stay out of the sun.

April: "HBC" No More: A homemaker helps a blind turtle beat the odds.

May: Godzilla! An iguana helps an Ohio woman overcome her fear of reptiles.

June: Family Ties: A California woman keeps companions, curiosities and teaching aids.

July: Water Lesson: A scare forces one woman to count her blessings.

August: Ventures in Venom: An old-school California herpkeeper shares his stories.

September: Green Pal: For one Georgia teenager, Junior is family.

October: Boa Backup: An Oklahoman flushes out a problem with a family snake.

November: Tiny Treasure: A small lizard gains weight and a family's love.

December: New Plan: Snakes alter a Michigan man's life.

News From the Reptile Realm

January: Manufacturer Puts Pricing on the MAP, NARBC Raises Money for PIJAC, Rare Asian Turtles Hatch in Tennessee, Hard Evidence Reveals Earliest Known Reptiles, Sea Turtle Conservationists Launch Tourism Project, Major International Trade Agreement Updated, Interior Secretary Gets the Bird, Drivers Rage Against Reptiles.

February: Fires Affect Reptile Breeders, Turtle Conservationist Honored, Shells Keep Tortoises off Their Backs, Few North American Snakes and Lizards Face Extinction, Lizard Roshambo, Sentinel Snake Safeguards Sandals, Transparent Frogs Produced.

March: New Face at T-Rex, Lighting Guide Updated, Discovery Channel Recognizes Young Herpetologist, Zoo Hatches Critically Endangered Turtle, Potential Cure Found for Killer Fungus, Burglaries Sting.

April: The Bug Company Wins Award, Free Turtle Checklist, Reptilekeeping's Kid Factor, Resigned Official's Decisions Reversed, Beheaded Snake Bites Back, World's Largest Spitting Cobra Named, Crying not a Complete Crock.

May: Bizarre Bufo Bust, Gharial in Trouble, Sea Turtle Hideout Revealed, PIJAC Interviews U.S. Fish and Wildlife.

June: Huge Python Goes to Ohio Zoo, Nactus Award Winner Named, IHS Seeks Grant Proposals, Herp Specialty Considered, New Herpetarium Coming to Forth Worth Zoo, Texas Adopts Exotic Snake Permits, Hardy Hybrids.

July: Hagen Wins Award, Cage Manufacturer Expands, PIJAC Campaign Adds Herps, Four in 24, State Permit Trumps City Ordinance in Florida, Swaziland Internship Available, Amphibian Search.

August: TV Doctors, Exo Terra Jumps Into Sponsorship, Rattler Named State Reptile, Herp Committee Expands, Rodent Rule, Can Venom Lessen Stroke's Bite?, Herp Crossing Guard, Boozing Can Lead to Bites.

September: Still Growing, Herper a Hitter, Snake X-Ray Wins Contest, Odd Egg, Agency Gets an Earful, Lungless Frog Discovered, Outstanding Citizen, Slash Is Snakeless.

October: Four in a Row, Stolen Morphs Returned, Joseph Laszlo Memorial Award Announced, Bloggers Vote Yoshi, PIJAC Developing Invasive-Species Tool Kit, Turtle Ban Still Buoyant, Mealworm Meltdown.

November: Ominous Bill, Langerwerf to Sell Agama International, Yangtze Hope, Fossil Links Frogs and Amphibians, Gator Blood Kills Germs, Wicked Shot, Herpkeeping Awareness Series Launched.

December: No Wild Release Information Pads, Free Journal Articles, Studies on Burmese Python in U.S. Conflict, Starvation? No problem., The World Loses the Lizard Man. 

Reptile Industry Insider

January: A Glimpse Into the Future? Genetic engineering will open many doors to reptile breeders.

February: UVB Lighting: The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

March: Reptile Research at the London Zoo: The 1800s saw concern for the welfare of live prey.

April: Critical Crickets: From disaster springs hope.

Reptile Retailer Spotlight

January: Amazon Reptile Center, Montclair and Covina, California.

February: Preuss Pets, Lansing, Michigan.

March: Underground Reptiles, Deerfield Beach, Florida.

April: Reptile Finders, Lomita, California.

May: Pets Inc., Tempe, Arizona.

June: Reptile City, San Diego, California.

July: Ben Siegel Reptiles, Deerfield Beach, Florida.

August: Pets-A-Plenty, Houston and Hockley, Texas.

September: Reptiles Unlimited, Long Beach, California.

October: That Fish Place / That Pet Place, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

November: Corbin's Exotic Pets, Marengo, Illinois.

December: Great Valley Serpentarium, Lodi, California.

Species Profile

January: Indian Star Tortoise.

February: Argentine Boa.

March: Mexican Giant Musk Turtle.

April: Hingeback Tortoises.

May: False Water Cobra.

June: Reeves Turtle.

July: Red-Eyed Treefrog.

August: Boomslang.

September: Panamanian Golden Frog.

October: Strawberry Poison Frog.

November: White's Treefrog.

December: Amethystine Python.

The Breeder's Notebook

January: Eastern Indigo Snake: Breed this big, bold and beautiful snake.

February: Egyptian Tortoise: Breeding Testudo kleinmanni can be a challenge.

March: Carrot-Tailed Chuckwalla: This lizard is North America's uromastyx.

April: Royal Reptiles: Breeding gray-banded kingsnakes.

May: Kenyan Sand Boa: This East African snake has a head designed for digging.

June: Colorful Collareds: Breed beautiful lizards from the West.

July: Rare Find: Breed the endangered Burmese mountain tortoise.

August: Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake: Breed for amelanism in this beautiful gem.

September: Living Relicts: Gulf Coast box turtles are aggressive and like water.

October: Docile Delight: African fat-tailed geckos are prolific breeders.

November: On the Ball: Breed Australian knob-tailed geckos.

December: Milking Success: Breed the beautiful milk snake.

Veterinarian Q&A

January: Flagyl Facts.

February: Mass Concern, Zoonosis.

March: The Wholesome Cricket Ticket.

April: Great Info, Less Attitude.

May: Getting the Scoop, Eating Issues?

June: You Get What You Pay for.

July: Liver Worries, How Much Fluid?

August: Venomoid Surgery.

September: Bone Bald, Wrinkled Specs.

October: Stressed Over Stargazing.

November: Building Knowledge,     Future Care.

December: Scared of Salmonella.

Who's Who in REPTILES

January: Dave Lee: Tortoise devotee makes conservation a lifelong goal.

February: Jeff Barringer: This snakekeeper turned his hobby into a worldwide information outlet.

March: Marshall Meyers: This lawyer fights for the pet industry everywhere.

April: Bill Lamar: This herpetologist and jungle explorer prefers the simple life.

May: Jim Nesci: This showman tries to break stereotypes.

June: Alan Botterman: A career born from childhood fascination.

July: Romulus Whitaker: This Indian conservationist helps crocs and snakes.

August: Jim Harrison: This researcher focuses on education and antivenom.

September: Ty Dillon: He's a pet industry crusader.

October: Ken Foose: This breeder and explorer is active in legislation and fundraising.

November: Loren Leigh: This industry advocate finds herps triply exciting.

December: Bryan Grieg Fry: This Australian researcher adventures in venom.


January: Meet the Winner of the REPTILES 15th Anniversary Contest, Beyond the Plastic Box, Cool Cats (Aeluroscalabotes felinus), Hey Teachers!, REPTILES' 2007 Article Index.

February: Heat Seeker, A Giant Among Chameleons (Furcifer oustaleti), Guidelines to Wild Pursuits, Sulawesi Challenge (Indotestudo forstenii).

March: The Exotic World of Diplodactylus Geckos, Going Green (Morelia viridis), A Meeting Like No Other (IHS), Bladder Stones.

April: Tread Carefully, Shinisaurus Secrets, Turning the Tables, Deft Toads (Bufo viridis).

May: When the Lights Go Out, Coastal Beauties (Malaclemys terrapin), Herps on Display, Under Fire (chytrid fungus), Amphibian Ark.

June: Five-Alarm Frog (Dyscophus antongilii), Totally Tegus (Tupinambis spp.), Creature Teacher Results!, Don't Abandon Your Herps, Show Time!

July: REPTILES Tat Attack! Contest, Feed Me!, Secretive Leaf-Tail (Uroplatus lineatus), Caiman Condo, Rare Beauties (Ungaliophis spp.).

August: Hot Herp Safety, Taipans Number One (Oxyuranus spp.), Jewels of the Sky Islands (Crotalus lepidus ssp.).

September: REPTILES Tat Attack!, Fresh Discoveries, White-Throated Wonder (Varanus albigularis), Handle With Care, What Time Is "Vet Time"?

October: Show Us the Money, Strength in Numbers (Paroedura pictus), Meet the Mantellas (Mantella spp.).

November: REPTILES Tat Attack! The Winners Revealed!, Lizards of the Sun (whiptails), Side-Necked Survey (South American side-necked turtles), Take Action (PIJAC).

December: Personality Plus (Rhamphiophis rostratus), Regal Retics (Python reticulatus), Catching an Insidious Killer (IBD research), Your Guide to Snake Anatomy.