2007 REPTILES Article Index

An index of all the articles that appeared in REPTILES magazine during the year 2007.

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Egyptian Tortoise Breeding
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Ask the Breeder

January: Scarlet Snakes and Anole Crossings: Scarlets can be tough to feed and thus breed. Avoid attempting to hybridize anole species.

February: Great Golden Geckos and Common Musks: Goldens can be tough to reproduce. Don't let the name fool you; stinkpots are wonderful turtles.


March: Gray Treefrogs and Gecko Hybrids: These anurans are readily breedable in captivity. Hybridizing species is not recommended.

April: Louisiana Pines, Chinese Alligators: Louisiana offers minimal protection for ruthveni. Hobbyists should not expect to keep highly endangered herps.

May: Gray-Band Phases, Fire-Belly Breeding: What happens when a Blair's phase crosses with an alterna phase? These toads require cooling.

June: Different-Sized Mates, Hybrid Turtles: Will a female Cal king make a meal of her smaller mate? Can these box turtles be housed together without mating?

July: Nile Monitors, Fat-Tails: Nile monitors are difficult to sex and to reproduce due to their size and aggressiveness. Breeding fat-tails is straightforward.


August: Carpet Pythons and Anacondas: Are the carpet pythons all one species? What's involved in breeding these giant snakes?

September: Environmental Factors, Sexing Sulcatas: Does providing better captive conditions improve breeding success? Can hatchlings be sexed?

October: Green Anoles and "No-Eyed" Turtles: How do you successfully reproduce anoles? What's the fascination with turtles without eyes?

November: "Carpondros" and Fence Lizards: Is this python hybrid real? How do you reproduce blue bellies?


December: Grass Lizards and Jeweled Lacertas: Long-tailed grass lizards are a challenge to breed. Baby lacertas are fairly delicate.

Breeder's Choice

January: Tiger coastal carpet python.

February: Sunset boa.

March: Tiger-jaguar carpet python.


April: Canary green tree python.

May: Albino red-footed tortoise.

June: Sun-tiger het albino reticulated python.


July: Hypomelanistic boa.

August: White Out fat-tailed gecko.

September: Tiger double het albino and genetic stripe reticulated python.

October: Hypomelanistic Brazilian rainbow boa.


November: Bearded dragon twins.

December: T-negative albino green iguana.

Herpetological Queries

January: Snake Locality, Unusual Bipes Dietary Fare: Herpers record their animals' origins to trace bloodlines. Worm lizards will eat fruits and grains.

February: Pyramiding, Albinism in Salamanders: Is a little protein OK for tortoises? Do albino salamanders occur?

March: Outer Banks Kingsnake, "Pet" Snakes: What makes this form different from L. getula? Snakes may be pets, but they still act on instinct.

April: Conservation Via Captive Breeding, Dead Snake: Why don't all reptile shows ban imports? What killed this corn?

May: Sexing Tips, Insurance Nightmare: Use the "notch technique" to discover the sex of your tortoise. Some insurance companies are canceling herpers' policies.

June: Colorful Survival Strategies, Macrocephaly: Snakes use their colors to their advantage. Some turtles display sexual dimorphism with enlarged heads.

July: Mistaken Boa, Scarred Herps: The Central American tree boa is the drab cousin of the Amazon tree boa. Herps are not deterred from mating by a specimen's old scars.

August: Sexing Snakes, American Crocodiles: Probing requires minimal pressure to be successful. These crocs are being reclassified as threatened.

September: Best Hot Collections, Burm Future: A variety of U.S. zoos have specialized in hots. More states are moving to restrict big constrictors.

October: White Ball Pythons, DOR Turtles: Several white morphs are on the market. Drivers increasingly kill herps on roads.

November: Disappearing Amphibians, Amel Sulcatas: Many factors contribute to the decline of frogs and toads. Have albino spurred tortoises ever been bred?

December: Wild Green Iguanas, Gator Turtles: What effect do feral iguana populations have? Were alligator snappers present in South Florida?

Into the Wild

January: Six Days in Two Valleys: Spring break in Southern California yields a variety of herps for this amateur field herper.

February: Quest for Giants: A globe-trotting herper joins an expedition in search of Rhacodactylus leachianus in the New Caledonian islands.

March: South African Snake Hunt: A native son returns to his homeland in search of pythons, mambas, cobras and more.

April: Catching the Drift: A veteran herper is called in to help with a drift-fence survey on a Florida wildlife preserve.

May: Searching for the Arroyo: The endangered arroyo toad endures in out-of-the-way California strongholds.

June: Trekking in the Namib: Peringuey's vipers and web-footed geckos abound in this ancient desert region.

July: The Brown Snakes of West Philly: These humble little snakes are true survivors in an urban setting.

August: Island Herp Adventure: A relaxing trip to Puerto Rico yields boas, coquí frogs and iguanas.

September: "Not Far" Herps: A seasoned traveler discovers how far he's willing to go to find Malagasy reptiles.

October: Desert Oasis: A hunt for scarce desert amphibians reveals a surreal surprise.

November: Worth Every Minute: Two herpers try to find nine California garter snake species in six days.

December: A Standout Safari: Herp hunters scare a baboon, catch snakes and spot frogs in South Africa.

Living With Reptiles

January: Change for the Better: A rescued veiled chameleon loses his grumpy edge and gains a friend.

February: Friends, Indeed: Her pals are afraid of her reptiles, but she says pythons are a girl's best friend.

March: One Perfect Day: A family trip to the New Jersey Pine Barrens yields surprise after surprise.

April: A Tortoise Tale: The memory of this scarred chelonian saved from the marketplace lives on.

May: Lizard Accidents: Quick wits helped this herp fan keep her western collared lizard alive.

June: Go "Setzlerman": A Texas science teacher has some fun while saving onlookers from a bullsnake.

July: Catch of the Day: A vacationing 14-year-old boy fishing off a dock nets more than he expected.

August: Herp Makeover: A basement eyesore becomes a haven.

September: Saving Sandy: One Illinois family helps its pet bearded dragon through a respiratory infection.

October: A Fired Up Kid: A Canadian boy's birthday present teaches him about the natural world.

November: A "Snow" Garter: A Maine herper finds at least one snake living up to the term "cold blooded."

December: Hello Freedom: A patient and resourceful four-spotted day gecko lives up to its name.

News from the Reptile Realm

January: Zoo Med Celebrates 30-Year Anniversary; California Pet Store Bill Vetoed at Last Minute; Rare Endangered Iguana Displayed; Crocodiles, STDs and Human Antibiotics; Snake Slows Traffic in Pennsylvania; Vietnam Vets Vs. Cane Toads; Distinguished Biology Professor Dies; T-Rex's Calci-Sand Turns 10; A New Name? Crikey!; Reptile Skins Seized.

February: Snakebite Research + Sri Lanka Trip = Fun; Cal Zoo Celebrates 30 Years; Mexican Garter Snake Denied Protection; Gila Saliva Is the New Wonder Drug; Lizard Whisperer Hits the Big Time; Jurassic "Monster" Fossil Found in Norway; Illinois to Restrict Reptile Imports; Save the Yellow-Legged Frog!; Croc Smuggler's Plan Is Foiled; Bindi, the Jungle Girl Debuts in January. 

March: Big Apple Foundation Raises Big Bucks; Cricket Farm Chirps Its 60th Birthday; Iguana Removal Considered in Florida; Gatorland Burns – and Reopens; Homeless Herper Seeks Shelter; Mark Bayless Remembered; An Exhibit Gone to the Frogs; A "Blob" of a Frog; EPA Helps Red-Legged Frog; Python Breeder on the Late Show.

April: Turtle Conference Expands to Four Days; Herp Website Reaches Half-Million Mark; Humans Could Be Turtles' Worst Enemy; Rarity Might Be a Double-Edged Sword; Single Snake Stymies Retail Giant; Global Warming and Extinction Linked; A Corporation That Loves Crocodiles; Amnesty Day; California Zoo Raising Endangered Frog; Study Suggests Evolutionary Fast Lane.

May: Commission Considers Exotic Pet Regulations; Lorica Gets Award; Mateless Komodo Dragon Reproduces; Extremely Rare Gecko Spotted; Gassy Sea Turtle Attracts Attention; Boys Help Snake Become State Reptile; Fork Tongue Quake Forecasting; National Frog Month; Super Salamanders.

June: Fluker's Accessories Go to Sun Seed Company; Exo Terra Announces Nactus Award Winner; Granddad Wrestles Anaconda Over Boy; Amphibian Ark to Battle Deadly Fungus; Aroused Male Iguana Gets Clipped; Remembering a Reptile Promoter; Zoo Hatches Northern Spider Tortoises; New Legless Amphibian Discovered; The Reptiles of Earl.

July: Hagen Gets Direct; Monsters to Be at the F.I.R.Expo; States Relaxing Alligator Restrictions; Taipan Species Discovered in Outback; Bag of Bufo Rewarded With Brews; Two-Headed Reptile Fossil Unearthed; Marine Turtles Have Internal Compass; Herp Crossing Guard; Political Pond Jumping.

August: Texas Considering Snake Permits; R-Zilla Best in Show; Bayou State Bringing Down the Ban?; Report: Official Overrode Scientists; Well-Traveled Snake Reunited; The Secret to Treefrog Stickiness; Loosing Limbs the Natural Way; Snake Rediscovered After a Century; American Venomous Snakes Illustrated.

September: New Turtle Harvesting Regulations in Texas; Herp Conservationists Recognized for Work; Florida Paving Over Gopher Tortoises; Experts Catch a Smooth Alligator; Turtle Swallowed by Dog Survives; Iguana Home Is Where the Heart Is; Nowhere to Run, Hop or Crawl; Pet Lizard Murdered; Salamanders Offer Glimpse Into the Past; "Harmless" Snake Kills.

October: Exhibiting Killer Looks; A Budding Herper; Hot Temperatures Make "Males" Females; CITES Announces Wildlife Trade Changes; Assault With a Deadly Snake; Adventurous Tortoise Takes a Trip; Floating Reminder of the Smuggling Trade; Snake Cult-ure; New Limbless Lizard?; Georgia Ecology Lab Staff Cut in Half.

November: Texas Snake Breeders Win Book Award; Zilla Wins 15 Awards; Florida Bans Common Pet Turtle; 2008 to Tackle Amphibians' Fate; Gas Goes in and Snake Comes out; Geckos and Mussels Inspire "Glue"; Pesticide Approval Irks Conservationists; Flushed Snake Found; Squamates Exhibit Coming to Houston.

December: Three-Day Permit Passes in Louisiana; ZuPreem Funds Pain-Relief Research; $15 K Raised for Bog Turtle Conservation; Gila Monster Saliva Is a Heal-ah; Famous Alligator Has Another Caper; Remembering Herpetologist Peter Vogel; Resigned Official's Decisions Reviewed; Habitats Via Satellite; Jurassic Croc Surfaces.

Reptile Retailer Spotlight

January: Prehistoric Pets, Fountain Valley, California.

February: LLLReptile and Supply Company, Oceanside and Escondido, California.

March: Regal Reptiles, Providence, Rhode Island.

April: Chicago Reptile House, Orland Park, Illinois.

May: Hoffer's Tropical Life Pets, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

June: Serpent Safari, Gurnee, Illinois.

July: East Bay Vivarium, Berkeley, California.

August: Exotic Pets, Las Vegas, Nevada.

September: Pets To Go, Elk Grove, California.

October: Incredible Pets, Melbourne, Florida.

November: Prehistoric Pets, Chino, California.

December: Twin Cities Reptiles, St. Paul, Minnesota.

The Turtle Chronicles

January: Keeled Box Turtles: Active and curious, these rare turtles need large pens.

February: Northern Redbellies: Big and beautiful, these turtles require lots of space.

March: Pangshura Turtles: Tent and roofed turtles are now rare in the pet trade.

April: Matty and Maddie: This pair of radiated tortoises goes back a long way.

May: Six-Tubercled Amazon River Turtle: This side-neck is widespread throughout the Amazon.

June: Spotted Turtle: These spotted beauties tend to stay small in size.

July: West African Mud Turtle: Although drab in color, these turtles are quite hardy.

August: Spiny Turtle: These turtles are truly distinctive but hard to acclimate.

September: Cagle's Map Turtle: This little map turtle is one of the most attractive.

October: Alligator Snapper: These turtles have an impressive size and bite.

November: Escambia Map Turtle: Like most map turtles, this one doesn't disappoint.

December: The Matamata: Odd in appearance and behavior, this is one bizarre turtle.

Veterinarian Q&A

January: Splitting Scutes, Fecal Checks: Separating scutes can be a sign of serious illness. Fecal exams are needed if feeding iffy food items.

February: Chameleon Eye Problems: Herps that refuse to open their eyes might have larger overall health issues.

March: Swollen Eyelid, Veterinary Care Cost: Swollen and cloudy eyes might reveal greater health problems.

April: Treating Abscesses and Mucoceles: These cystlike lumps form due to pathogens or substances becoming embedded in tissues.

May: Intestinal and Other Forms of Prolapse: Prolapses caught early are treatable and should always be considered a medical emergency.

June: Scale Rot and Mites: Mites can carry bacteria that cause sepsis, leading to massive infection.

July: Anorexia Signals Other Problems: From husbandry issues to medical conditions, many factors can contribute to a herp's lack of appetite.

August: Advancing Herp Medicine: Reptile vets have to go to extra lengths to prepare for treating herps.

September: Improper Shedding: Shedding problems, including retained eye caps, usually result from husbandry deficiencies.

October: Diagnosing and Treating NSHP: This disease results from husbandry and dietary deficiencies, including lack of vitamin D and calcium.

November: A No-Win Situation: Sometimes pet herps die, even when all involved do their best.

December: Senior Herps: Although part of the aging process, weight loss and inactivity are also signs of many illnesses.

Who's Who in REPTILES

January: Jerry G. Walls: This prolific Louisiana author shares his extensive herp knowledge with readers.

February: Bill Brant: This Florida business owner and political activist is still a snake guy at heart.

March: Mark O'Shea: This explorer and herper works to make a difference through venom research.

April: Whit Gibbons: A dedicated scientist, educator and reptile and amphibian conservationist.

May: Clyde Peeling: He built a zoo for reptile lovers like you.

June: Emmanuel Van Heygen: This Dutch explorer and researcher made his name with day geckos.

July: Ron Tremper: An innovative zoo professional turns into a successful reptile breeder.

August: Joe Marek: This president hugs herps, not babies.

September: Bob and Sheri Ashley: Love the one you work with.

October: Gary Bagnall: Innovative from the start.

November: Tell Hicks: This British painter is a natural – ist.

December: Russ Gurley: This turtle and tortoise breeder forges ahead in herpkeeping's newest frontier.


January: 2006 Anaheim North American Reptile Breeders Conference and Trade Show; Gone to Uganda; The Emperor Strikes Back (Boa constrictor imperator); A Portrait of the Artist as a Herp Fan (Carl Pieter Brest van Kempen); Top Geckos (McIlwraith leaftail); REPTILES' 2006 Article Index; Species Profile: Chaco Tortoise.

February: Tomistoma's Last Chance; Peach-Throat Monitors; The Living Vivarium Series: Build Your Own Aquatic Habitat; A Misunderstood Snake: the Children's Python; The Lampropeltis Legend; Cuts From the 2006 Cutting Edge Reptile Contest; Species Profile: Chinese Fire-Bellied Newt.

March: Breeding Notes on the Spotted Pond Turtle; The Moorish Gecko; Australia's Tiger Snakes; Snakes in Medicine: From the Greeks to the FDA; Checking in at the Chicago NARBC; The REPTILES Ultimate Herpkeeper Contest; Curious Cone-Heads (lizard); Species Profile: Schneider's Skink; Treasure Islands (Bocas del Toro Archipelago).

April: Herp Conservation Organizations; Sea Turtle Survival; Big Lizards, Big Problems; Species Profile: San Francisco Garter Snake; Look Who's Going to Gabon!; Understanding the Acronyms; Manouria, Tigers and Bears … Oh My!

May: The Mad Tortoise Tour; Remember Rhinocheilus; Lighting for Our "Solar-Powered" Pets; Species Profile: Dragon Agama; The Living Vivarium Series: Tortoise Territory; Skinks With a Shimmer (Solomon Island iridescent ground skink).

June: Timber Trip of a Lifetime (timber rattlesnakes); Charismatic Crested Geckos; Herpesvirus and Testudo; Arabian and Saharan Sand Boas; Species Profile: Shingleback Skink; The Asian Box Turtles.

July: The Incredible, Edible … Worm!; Black Magic (black pine snake); Keeping and Breeding Clown Treefrogs; The Hydration Equation; Species Profile: Pig-Nosed Turtle; The Argus Monitor; Bring 'Em on Home; The Mussurana: Snake-Eaters of the Tropics.

August: Raising the Titan (Aldabra tortoise); Cool Chameleons (four-horned chameleons); Ultimate Herpkeeper Unveiled; Innovative Incubation; Herpetoculture: From Hobby to Business; Species Profile: Mangrove Snake; Genetics 101.

September: Rockin' Rankin's (dragons); REPTILES Goes to Texas; Carapace or Canvas? (painted turtle); Prevention and Treatment of Gout; The Living Vivarium Series: Tropical Getaway; Seeking the Ring-Necked Snake; Species Profile: The Tiger Salamanders.

October: Keeping and Breeding Leucistic Puff-Faced Water Snakes; 15th Anniversary Contest; We're Fine. How's Bayou?; Down the Mighty Amazon; Five-Lined Skinks: Scorpion Lizards of the Southeast; 15 Years of Sophistication; True Leaf Mimics (Solomon Island leaf frogs); Species Profile: Costa Rican Bird Snake.

November: "Dodo Island" Interlude (Mauritius); Blood Pythons: Past and Present; IHS Hits "Hogtown"!; A Look at the Genus Ctenosaura; Reptile Prolapses; Species Profile: Gray Treefrog.

December: Your Guide to Uros (Uromastyx); All Hail the Sailfin Dragon; Brookesia in Captivity; Species Profile: Fan-Footed Gecko; Captivating Giants (Solomon Islands prehensile-tailed skink); The Living Vivarium Series: Painted Desert. REPTILES