September 2009 Editor's Note

Announcing our brand-new reptile costume contest

The European Green Toad
Reptiles Usa 2009
Breeder’s Choice – Eryx colubrinis loveredgei

When I saw a cute picture of a friend’s kid in a snake costume, a light bulb went off in my head: We should have a reptile costume contest in REPTILES someday. Now the time has come. This issue introduces our Herp Halloween Costume Craze contest! (And I feel compelled to point out that the cute picture that inspired the contest is the one that appears on the announcement. That’s Ava Rothrock in the snake costume.)

As usual, we’re looking forward to seeing what readers will submit for this contest. Whether we’re holding our Tat Attack! tattoo contest or the “Drawn to” REPTILES amateur art contest, we can always count on our readers to flood us with hundreds of outstanding submissions.


I personally have never worn a reptile costume. When I dressed up for Halloween, I usually opted for monster get-ups. I remember one memorable costume where I was a zombie sailor. I wore a scary skull mask, peacoat and sailor cap, and I wrapped around me a bunch of kelp I scrounged from a beach. I seem to remember that as the evening wore on the costume became quite pungent.

The costume photos we’re looking for don’t necessarily have to be current. If you’re pushing 50, such as myself (gasp!), but have a great shot of yourself in a turtle costume from 40 years ago, send it in. Or maybe you can start working on this year’s Halloween costume early and put together a great entry for our contest before donning it for the actual All Hallow’s Eve.

Be sure to read the rules and deadlines for the Herp Halloween Costume Craze contest. Winners receive a $50 gift certificate from one of five contest sponsors!