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Ask the Breeder

January: Curlytail Lizards and Inbreeding: Tips for breeding the under-appreciated curly-tail, and advice regarding reptile inbreeding.

February: Mystery Eggs and Timor Monitors: Can reptiles produce eggs without mating? How do you breed these dwarf monitors?


March: Incubation Problems, Artificial Insemination: What's the proper humidity for sulcata eggs? Can snakes be inseminated artificially?

April: Collapsing Eggs, Stunted Beardie: Calcium deficiency leads to weak eggs. Does tight inbreeding yield runts?

May: Breeding Bullsnakes and Bent-toes (geckos): Why are bullsnakes overlooked? Cool and humid environments are key to producing bent-toes.

June: Blue Tegus, Black Kings: A new tegu morph is catching on with hobbyists. Reproducing western black kingsnakes may take a little practice.

July: Reproducing Uroplatus, Fertile Beardie: Leaftails can be difficult, but not impossible, to breed. Watch your herps for calcium deficiencies.


August: Ameivas, Reproducing Odd Patterns: How do you breed ameivas? What's involved in recreating a wild caught's color pattern?

September: Pancake Eggs, Breeding Four-horns: Pancake tortoises usually lay one egg in a clutch. Four-horned chameleons need low temperatures.

October: Cottonmouths and Malayan Pit Vipers: These hot snakes are surprisingly easy to breed. There are indeed egg-laying pit vipers.

November: Leopard Lizards, Frog-eyed Geckos: Overcoming leopard lizards' feistiness poses difficulties. Frog-eyes are readily breedable.


December: Narrow-mouths and Poison Frogs: These odd toads can be hard to feed. A look at the basics of breeding poison frogs.

Breeder's Choice

January: Tremper tangerine carrot-tail carrot-head jungle giant albino leopard gecko.

February: Calico cow sucker (black rat snake).

March: Albino black-headed python.


April: Pure diamond Amazon Basin emerald tree boa.

May: Brasher chain boa.

June: Extreme red bearded dragon.


July: Aztec boa.

August: Silk Texas rat snake.

September: Fiji banded iguana.

October: Coral albino Colombian red-tailed boa.


November: Argentine boa.

December: Red harlequin crested gecko.

Herpetological Queries

January: Eyecaps, Racers and the Glottis: Learn to remove a snake's eyecap – and is there a mysterious hole in your snake's mouth?

February: Weak Feeder, Scorpion Gets the Boot (animal superstitions): How do you know if you're feeding your chameleon the right amount?

March: Breeding Licenses (becoming a reptile breeder), Mole Kings: Lampropeltis calligaster occipitolineata is a relatively recent, and endemic, find in Florida.

April: Amphibian Kings (largest amphibians), Giving Back: Learning to bridge the gap between old-school herpers and those new to the hobby.

May: Pet Molochs, Herp Hunting Advice: Can thorny devils be kept as pets? What are the best places to look for snakes in the field?

June: Bug-eyed Trait, Bizarre Striking Aim: Are bulging eyes on a snake a defect? Snakes can lunge more ways than one.

July: Red Cresteds, A Small Croc: What is the flame crested gecko? Is there a crocodile that inhabits the Island of Dr. Moreau? (Morelet's crocodiles).

August: A New Albino? Herp Words Decoded: Is it possible to identify a new morph without breeding it? Help for the herp-term challenged.

September: Photographing Rare Animals, Albino Herps: Are permits necessary to photograph endangered herps? Why are there so many albino snakes?

October: Rare Water Snake? Rattling Record: Brown water snakes are closer to mocassins in looks. What is the biggest snake rattle ever seen?

November: Benefits of Herpkeeping, Snake Mortality: Herps provide valuable lessons and bring us closer to nature.

December: Jungle Frogs, The Best of the Blues: Frogs of Leptodactylus hail from Central and South America. Is there a blue-colored mantella?

Into the Wild

January: The Grand Old Road: Rattlers and other herps find room to roam along Utah's Cottonwood Canyon Road.

February: Home Is Where the Herps Are: A move to the Oregon hinterlands opens up a whole new world to one well-traveled herper.

March: Breakfast with a Jaguar: Looking for herps in the Bolivian jungle results in a face-to-face encounter with the New World's biggest cat.

April: Hitting the Herp Jackpot: Not far from Sin City's neon lights lies plenty of unspoiled desert teeming with reptiles.

May: Chasing Frilled Lizards and Goannas: A well-traveled herper hot on the trail of reptiles in Kakadu.

June: The Mocuzari Monster: Sonoran Desert haunts produce more than a phantom lizard.

July: Costa Rica Herping Adventures: Leatherbacks, basilisks, poison frogs and high hopes for bushmasters and fer-de-lances.

August: It Took 40 Years to Find a What? The Florida Keys are home to a variety of geckos – including some elusive ones.

September: Paradise (Soon to Be) Lost: A mining operation condemns a herp-rich Madagascan coastal forest.

October: Pugnacious Pygmies: Everything you hear about these small rattlers is true – and, yes, they are feisty.

November: Searching for Pygmies in South Africa: Determined duo finds the world's smallest tortoise species and a flowering extravaganza.

December: The Wetsuit Vampire: A journey underground unearths Ozark blind cave salamanders and other rare, unusual creatures.

Living with Reptiles

January: The Big Adventure: From father to son, the love of herps may be the greatest enterprise.

February: Lizards and Love: If it weren't for the reptiles, this couple might never have gotten married.

March: Tight Spaces: A black rat snake escape artist shows a preference for inconvenient hidey-holes.

April: 'Super-zygous': Be it a normal specimen or the latest morph, all snakes are special.

May: Irresistible Find: A New Mexico board-flippin' herp hunt reveals an unusual discovery.

June: Disappearing Act: The watchful gaze of a cat helps bring a wayward bearded dragon home.

July: The Not-Bunny: A run to the pet store for a pet rabbit results in an unexpected 'best friend.'

August: An Eye for Turtles: To some, turtles are more than just a hobby – they are a way of life.

September: Pot-ty Trained: A snake makes use of a flower pot, while her owner has an invention of his own.

October: Infamous Rattler: An old diamond-backed rattlesnake becomes part of a small town's lore.

November: Mmm, Lunch! A hungry kingsnake makes a mistake at feeding time – or did she?

December: Herper's Paradise: One Kansas herper finds his own slice of heaven-on-earth in his own backyard.

Reptiles News & Trivia

January: Cricket Fundraising Exercise Proposed; The Everglades' New Top Predator?; Call to Save Amphibian Populations; Reggie Remains at Large; U.S. House Passes Rewrite of ESA; Fluker's Affected by Hurricane Katrina; Pond Turtles Awash on California Beaches; Help the Audubon Zoo and Aquarium!

February: NRBE Auction Helps Iguana Conservation; Crocodile Hunter Will Take on Reggie; Two-Headed Rattlesnake Discovered; Frogs & Crocs May Hold Key to HIV; Rattlesnake Roundup Regulations Proposed.

March: Seachem Laboratories Opens New Building; It's Another Double-Header – And It Learns; In Memoriam: A. Stanley Rand; Strange Sights; Cave Salamanders Pig Out on Bat Guano.

April: Michael D. Kern Wins NACTUS Award; Exo Terra Expedition Treks to Uganda; Turtle Orthodontia?; New Bill Introduced to Impact ESA; Vets Administer First Artificial Insemination of a Snake; New CITES Protections for U.S. Turtles; Temporary Habitat Closure to Protect Endangered Frog.

May: Scales 'N Tails Garners Industry Honors; Record Year for Archie Carr Sea Turtles; Chance to Study Aquatic Snakes in Sri Lanka; In Memoriam: John L. Behler; New Animated Film to Feature Herps; Pennsylvania Summer Reading Program and Reptile Book Drive; Got an Iguana? Flood Insurance?

June: Florida Wildlife Laws Being Examined; Maryland Protecting Its Terrapins; Snake Venom Doesn't Just Take Lives; Turtle Tuck to the Rescue; Croc-Battling Granny Receives Award; A Lost Saltie Finds a New Home; Two-Headed Snake in Search of Mate; New Animals from a Lost World.

July: California Considering New Pet Legislation; Savorelli Helps Save Bite Victim's Life; Torrent Frog's Abilities Surprise Scientists; L.A. Alligator Reggie Still on the Loose; Tubby Turtle Fed Hot Dogs; Lessons Learned from Aussie Treefrog; Jumping Frog Jubilee Marks Its 78th; Man Kisses Cobra, May Set New Record; New Lizard Found in Vietnam and Laos.

August: RodentPro Garners Silver Addy Award; Recent Promotions at Central Aquatics; Iguanas Gone Wild in Boca Grande; Rare Frogs Die, Rescue Efforts Continue; If These Walls Could Hiss; New Snake and Lizard Exhibit Opens; Scientists to Rescue Threatened Frogs; Ancient Snake Fossil Sparks Debate; Sea Turtles May Receive Swim Way; Laos Swamped with New Frog Species.

September: California Pet Stores Face New Regulations; Red-legged Frog Debate Continues; First Alabama Gator-hunting Season Set; 'On-the-Run' Tortoise Comes Home; New, Rare Newt Already Sold Online?; Gopher Tortoises Buried Alive in Florida; Endangered Tortoises Make Zoo Debut; Hawaii to Prevent Coquí Frog Importation.

October: Repticon to Present Southeastern Shows; 'I Want My Truck Terrarium'; Frog Slime May Have Healing Properties; State Wildlife Grants Program in Danger; Farewell to Steve Irwin's Pet Tortoise; Australia to Halt Cane Toad Invasion; Mysterious Chameleon-Snake Found; Dazzling & Dangerous Venomous Exhibit; Giant Pythons Slither Their Way Into Florida.

November: From Reptile Pet Shop to Hollywood; Vancouver Olympics to Protect Small Frog; Endangered Toad Takes Toll on New Road; Komodo Park Affects Local Economy; A Real-life Snake on a Plane; More Venom ER Visits in California; Please Do Not Feed the Gators; Turtle Tormentors Caught on Video Are Prosecuted; Where's Reggie? L.A. Gator Watch Continues.

December: New R-Zilla Website Goes Live; Big Apple's Halloween Costume Ball; Conservation Group Files U.S. FWS Suit; A Turtle Omen in a Half Shell; The Crocodile Hunter Remembered; The Frozen Frog Medical Mystery; Pet Store Bill Update.

The Turtle Chronicles

January: Chicken Turtles: These three subspecies have a sense of wanderlust.

February: Asian Box Turtles: The yellow-marginated box turtle makes a hardy pet.

March: European Ponds: Easy to keep and breed; what more could you ask for?

April: Painted Woods: Acquiring these imports is worth the extra effort.

May: Yellow-Foots: The yellow-footed tortoise boasts great pet potential.

June: Common Musks: Often overlooked, stinkpots are hardy and interesting.

July: Painted Turtles: Painteds are a colorful addition to the backyard pond.

August: Desert Box Turtles: These desert turtles are quite hardy once acclimated.

September: Choosing a Turtle: Musks and muds are the best choice for beginners.

October: Asian Big-Heads: These rare and interesting turtles are not for novices.

November: River Cooters: Central and southeastern cooters grow quite large.

December: Four-eyed Turtles: Captive breeding is important for these rare turtles.

Veterinarian Q&A

January: Skin Patches on Beardies, Gecko Sepsis: Don't treat any condition until after consulting a herp veterinarian.

February: Reptile Toes in a Jam, Turtle Questions: The causes of reptile toe and toenail injuries often lie in the type of caging you choose to use.

March: The Different Types of Egg Binding: Treatment of egg-bound iguanas depends on the condition.

April: The Real Cost of Veterinary Medicine: When choosing a vet, experience and expertise can affect the price.

May: Dangers and Treatment of NSHP: The most commonly seen condition in captive herps, NSHP results from poor husbandry.

June: Odd Blisters, Insatiable Tegu: Blisters can result from a range of causes, from mites to infection. A very healthy appetite is normal for tegus.

July: Retching Red-ear, Anorexic Python: Aquatic turtles may eat artificial plants. Anorexia is a common and serious problem in captive herps.

August: Open-Mouth Breathing in Snakes: You should suspect a larger problem when you see your snake exhibiting this irregular behavior.

September: Gravid Iguana, Scale Rot: Iguana Eggs are unlikely to "crack" inside a gravid female, but follicles can rupture. Belly rot is a systemic disease.

October: Eye Trauma in Reptiles: Herps may develop 'bloody' eyes for many reasons, serious trauma being one of them.

November: Diagnosing and Treating Abscesses: From parasite cysts to viral papillomas, abscesses in reptiles come in a variety of forms.

December: Deadly Red Leg Disease: This amphibian illness is caused by bacteria and occurs in animals living in suboptimal conditions.

Who's Who in REPTILES

January: Peter Pritchard: Building a distinguished career from a passion for turtles and tortoises.

February: Bob Clark: A albino Burmese python morphed a hobbyist into a professional breeder.

March: Wayne Hill: How one herp breeder single-handedly revolutionized the reptile show scene.

April: Bert Langerwerf: A breeder and his wife assemble one of the country's top breeding operations.

May: Dick Bartlett: Writing, photographing, lecturing and field herping – he does it all.

June: Philippe de Vosjoli: One word says it all – pioneer.

July: Joseph Collins: The Peterson guide, yes – but there's more.

August: Douglas Mader: This top herp veterinarian also happens to be an author, lecturer and volunteer.

September: Jon Coote: From teenage zookeeper to international herp fame, he worked his work up.

October: Dana Savorelli: A do-it-yourselfer turns homemade projects into a worldwide business.

November: Kathy Love: From the early days of herpetoculture, she created a famously corny business.

December: Louis Porras: The tale of a bibliophile who started his own herp publishing company.


January: 2005 IHS Photo Contest Winners; NARBC 2005!; What's the Mata? (matamata turtles); Species Profile: Yellow-Spotted Night Lizard; What a Croc! (mugger crocodiles); Escargot Anyone? (snail-eating snakes of the genus Sibon); REPTILES 2005 Article Index.

February: Komodos: A Breeding Project with Teeth; American Geckos (Including Aliens); Species Profile: Diamondback Terrapin; IRBA 2005!; Frogs in Crisis (Cairns Frog Hospital in Australia); Saving Cyclura (iguanas).

March: Breeding Notes on Geochelone pardalis; Python Egg Incubation; Species Profile: Drakensberg Crag Lizard; Sex by Degrees (using temperature to determine sex); King of Kings (breeding kingsnakes); Fertile Fat Tails (breeding).

April: The Leatherbacks of Trinidad; Modern-day T-Rexes (collared lizards); Best National Parks for Herping; Species Profile: Pancake Tortoise; Why Be Bitten? (handling tips for arboreal snakes).

May: Bug-eyed Beauties (Trans-Pecos rat snakes); The Perfect Vivarium Frogs (hyperoliid frogs); Species Profile: Tokay Gecko; Awesome Amphibians Photo Contest Winners; Boyz N the Hoodz (snake hunting); Drosophila on the Fly (raising fruit flies).

June: The Simplest Chameleon Cage You'll Ever Build; Blackheads! Monarchs from Down Under (black-headed pythons); A Unique Home for Arboreal Snakes; Species Profile: Fire Skink; Design Your Own "Frogtastic Falls"; How to Make an In-ground Turtle Pen.

July: Beyond Saving Amphibians (Frogwatch USA); Lizard with a 'Tude (veiled chameleons); A Look at the Red-eared Slider; They Are What You Feed Them (nutritional guide); Needful Things: Supplements; Species Profile: Rough Green Snake; Myths Surrounding the Acquisition of Antivenom.

August: Herping by Canoe (Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness); The Green Tree Monitor: A Herpetological Gem; Studbooks: A Crucial Record; Freaky Frogs (mossy frogs); Species Profile: Mandarin Rat Snake; 7 Tips for a Thriving Reptile Rescue.

September: Breeding Notes on Geochelone carbonaria; Swift and Spiny (Sceloporus lizards); Save Me an Aisle Seat for Snakes on a Plane; Eggstraordinary Snakes! (egg-eating snakes); Species Profile: Sunbeam Snake; A Swing Through Singapore.

October: The Brown Snakes of Australia; Deadly Stealth (West African gaboon vipers); 10 Hot Tips for Venomous Keeping; Endangered Relic (Guatemalan beaded lizards); Memoirs of a Venom Extractor (Jim Harrison); Species Profile: The Mambas.

November: Danger Beneath the Sand (Iraq's venomous snakes); Map Turtles: An Overview; Species Profile: Burton's Legless Lizard; The Life Arboreal (Amazon tree boas); North American Alligator Lizards; Italy's Spectacled Salamanders (Salamandrina spp.).

December: Scenes from the National Reptile Breeders Expo 2006!; Shooting the Nightlife (how to photograph anurans); The Amphibians of Germany; Talking Turtles at the 2006 Turtle Alliance Conference; An Unknown Poison (lovely poison frogs); Salamander Trek (Aneides spp.); Corneal Lipidosis in Captive Amphibians; Species Profile: American Toad.