ZooMed's Gary Bagnall Joins USARK

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ZooMed's Gary Bagnall Joins USARK

Gary Bagnall from ZooMed, joins the USARK board of directors and creates a matching funds campaign.

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The United States Association of Reptile Keepers (USARK) welcomed Gary Bagnall, CEO and Founder of ZooMed Laboratories, to the USARK board of directors. Bagnall brings 33 years of corporate experience in the herp industry as well as a wealth of contacts and resources to USARK.


USARK’s recent legislative success inspired Bagnall, on behalf of ZooMed, to establish a "ZooMed Matching Funds Campaign." In the first year of the campaign, for every dollar raised by USARK, ZooMed will donate a dollar, up to a total value of a $100,000 donation. USARK will spend the majority of the money raised on lobbyists.