White Carpet

How to breed for albino carpet pythons.

Milksnake Breeder Hatches Out Two-Headed Albino Honduran Milksnake
Snake Feeding Chart
Eyelash Viper

Those unfamiliar with carpet pythons (Morelia spilota ssp.) might think they only display colors such as those of the sometimes-dull-looking coastal carpet python or the yellow bands of the jungle carpet python. However, when the first jaguar carpet pythons hit the reptile trade in the early 2000s, they brought with them new color and pattern possibilities, and they inspired new interest in the species. Mixing the jaguar gene with other new color and pattern morphs, such as zebras, caramels, tigers and granites, only intensified the hunger for new and exciting colors. I focus on breeding carpet pythons heterozygous for albino, which basically means these snakes can produce albino offspring.

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