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Turtle Soup Political Ad Blasts Politician For Looking Like a Cartoon Turtle

Tea Party candidate likens Mitch McConnell to Cecil the Tortoise.

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Some people call it the noisy season when political ads inundate the airwaves. Many of the political ads can be construed as entertainment, while others are downright mean. This one, by a Texan, is funny, but not for the turtle. The poor chelonian, Cecil the Turtle from Looney Tunes to be exact, was compared to a politician.

The ad, called Turtle Soup, was created in support of Dwayne Stovall, a man who is running against incumbent Sen. John Cornyn for a senate seat in Texas. Cornyn has served in the senate since 2002. Stovall is a Tea Party candidate, who, while running against Cornyn, appears to direct most of his ire toward Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.
What Stovall failed to note when his handlers suggested Cecil the Turtle, was that Cecil, a nemesis of Bugs Bunny, beats Bugs in the classic Tortoise Beats Hare race in Cecil's debut cartoon in 1941, by using his friends and cousins to serve as stand ins at strategic locations during the race.
It is not the first time that herps were painted in a negative light in attempts to further someone's political career. In 2010, Democrats in Georgia ran an advertisement saying a certain politician was as "slippery as a bag of snakes." Kermit the Frog, on the other hand, has made appearances in political ads, mostly in support of environmental causes. And in New Zealand, an Auckland man wanted proof that the island nation's prime minister, John Key, is not a reptile from outer space.