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Top 10 ReptileChannel.com Articles In 2011

Discover the top reptile articles that kept animal keepers and enthusiasts clicking for more on ReptileChannel.com in 2011.

South American Red-Footed Tortoise
Exotic Insect Feeders For Your Herps
Breeding The Annulated Tree Boa

1. Coral Snakes
Coral snakes are secretive and seldom seen.

2. Bearded Dragon Basking Open Mouth
Why do bearded dragons bask with their mouth open?


3. Herp Habitats: Bearded Dragon
Create a simple, attractive bearded dragon vivarium.

4. Reptile Vets
Find local reptile vets with our comprehensive reptile veterinarian directory.

5. Snake Anatomy
Know your snake inside and out with this snake anatomy introduction.

6. Leopard Gecko Eye Problem
My leopard gecko can’t open his eye.

7. Indoor Tortoise and Turtle Table Housing
Make your indoor tortoise or turtle table housing stand out.


8. Venomous Snakes in Iraq
Of all the hazards of living and serving in Iraq, dealing with venomous snakes may be the least discussed.

9. Build Your Own Chameleon Lizard Cage
Building your own chameleon lizard cage is often a satisfying.

10. American Geckos
Check out these geckos native to America.