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Snoop Dogg The Next Jeff Corwin? Maybe Not

Snoop hosting an animal show like a boss.

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Snoop Dogg. A Jeff Corwin he isn’t, but he tried. In an episode of Plizzanet Earth, which was aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the rapper most famous for smoking weed everyday, and according to Kimmel, eating it too, did his best to try and describe what looked like a bunch of green tree frogs in a romantic embrace.


At first, Snoop Dogg thought he was looking at “Geicos” referring to the Geico Gecko, but then he just ignored what the animals were and ran a play by play of the frogs doing the deed, or at least what looked like to him as doing the deed. Then he calls them cold blooded, which was probably the only correct statement he made during the entire episode. 

At any rate, check the video and tell us what you think in the comments.