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Snake on a Plane? Yes it Happened on an Aeromexico Flight to Mexico City

The snake was apparently subdued before the plane made the landing.

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An Aeromexico jet had to make an emergency landing after a snake crawled out of the overhead bins and into the cabin. The snake, which was green in coloration, was captured on video by a passenger who posted the encounter on Twitter. 

Flight 231 was heading to Mexico City from Torreon, Coahuila when the snake made its appearance. The plane was given priority landing in Mexico City, and the snake was removed from the plane by animal control. According to Fox News, passenger Indalecio Medina and another passenger were able to subdue the snake using a blanket and magazines before animal control arrived. 


This isn't the first time a snake stowaway was found on a plane. A few years ago, a scrub python was recorded outside the the wing area of a Qantas Airlines jet. That snake struggled to get up and under the wing but died. Another incident involved a Jordanian reptile store owner who got bit by an Egyptian cobra that he apparently smuggled onto an Egypt Air flight. The plane was forced to make an emergency landing.