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SB310: Immediate Action Needed In Ohio


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After testimony, for and against SB310, before the Ohio House Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee on May 8th, 9th and 10th, the momentum gained by the Senate’s de-facto ban on many reptiles shifted toward a more business friendly approach in the House.

 Opponents testimony was led by USARK CEO, Andrew Wyatt who made a powerful argument pointing out fundamental problems and inconsistencies in the Senate bill; and offered a well thought out alternative. The message seemed to resonate with Committee Members as they asked Wyatt question after question to clarify suggested improvements to SB310. But with momentum shifting away from the restrictive tone set by the Senate, the Animal Rights Industry is in a panic that the House will pass a bill that will protect the reptile industry from currently prohibitive statutes. Animal Rights activists are flooding the office of the Ohio Speaker of the House with calls encouraging the prohibition of the reptile industry as represented by the current version of SB310.


The Reptile Nation must take immediate action to counter the assault on the Speaker by Animal Rights professionals. Please click the link below to express your support for the serious and thoughtful approach being taken in regards to SB310 by the House Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee.
Click here to send an email to Speaker Batchelder: http://usark.org/campaign.php?id=38