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Researchers Discover New Frog Species From Western Ghats Of India

The frog is commonly called a cricket frog or Fejervarya frog.

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Zoologists with the Kozhikode Regional Centre of the Zoological Survey of India and the Bangalore-based Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science have discovered a new frog species of the genus Fejervarya, family Dicroglossidae. The frog, named Fejervarya gomantaki to highlight its connection to Goa are commonly known as cricket frogs. This species can be found in low lying water-logged areas in Goa as well as the hill ranges of Belgaum. The zoologists said that the frogs call is quite common especially after rains as the frogs rest in mud pools, paddy fields, and small bodies of water during monsoons. 

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The small frog is brown in coloration with an olive brown nose and a light underbelly. 

The researchers used morphology, geographic distribution range, and molecular methods to identify and describe Fejervarya gomantaki.

An abstract of the paper can be found on the Zootaxa website.


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