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Table of contents from January 2021

January February 2021 Herper's Most Wanted Inland Central bearded Dragon Tips on Keeping the Dragon Snake By Scarlett Nightshade An Inte

Snake-like Amphibian Siphonops annulatus Have Venom Glands, New Study Says
New Desert Tortoise Species Discovered and Described
Herp Or Lizard With Cryptosporidium

January February 2021

Herper’s Most Wanted Inland Central bearded Dragon


Tips on Keeping the Dragon Snake
By Scarlett Nightshade

An Interview with Randy Williams of Zen Habitats
By John Virata

Three Jays Tortoise Sanctuary
By Rebekah Pettit

Keeping White’s Treefrogs
By Zach Brinks

6 lizards of the legless variety
By Jeff Bolkan


Project Varanus salvatorii
The first known case of genetically proven parthenogenesis in the
Asian water monitor.
By Tony Abruzzi

12 Indian Star Tortoises Sent Home
By Thomas Sharp

March April 2021

Herper’s Most Wanted: Colombian Boa Constrictor


Want to keep a lizard?
Check out these five great species.
By John Virata

Tracking Nashville’s Urban Eastern box turtles
By Maggie Gigandet

30 paradise flying snake keeping tips
Popular with European reptile
keepers, Chrysopelea paradisi is considered one of the best flyers among the flying snakes.
By Scarlett Nightshade

Zen Habitats 4’x2’x2’ Wood Panel Reptile Enclosure
By John Virata


Top 10 Great Pet Snakes

Dart frogs for beginners
By John Clare

Expert Care Tips For the Yellow-Spotted Night Lizard
By Foster Reves


May June 2021

Herper’s Most Wanted Northern Leopard Frog

14 Red-Footed Tortoise Care
By Rebekah Pettit

22 Saving Southern California’s red-legged frogs
By John Heil


Colombian rainbow boa
By Scarlett Nightshade

36 Mazuri’s Troy Tollefson On Reptile Nutrition
By John Virata

40 Annulated Tree Boa success
By Tim Morris

46 Large lizards for advanced keepers
By John Virata

56 Keeping and Breeding the Electric Blue Day Gecko
By David L. Smith and J. Kelly Smith

July August 2021

Herper’s Most Wanted: Red-eared Slider

Notes from the field:
By Luke Thirkhill

At Risk Species Focus: The Western Pond Turtle.
By Michelle Hunt and Susan Sawyer

26 Keeping and breeding Goniurosaurus cave geckos
By Foster Reves

5 Most Interesting Frogs

Zoo Med Labs
Inside the Reptisun UVB/LED Lighting Solution.
By John Virata

Belize’s Fight To Save the Hicatee
By Natalie Stilwell

Top 8 Things To Consider Before Getting A Tortoise
>By Jamie Sheffield

Sept October 2021

Herper’s Most Wanted: Green anole

The Return of the dragons:
Understanding the new Hydrosaurus species.
By Kasey Schultz and Alex Myers

Hikari usa’s Chris Clevers:
How Hikari makes its herp foods.
By John Virata

African dwarf frogs
These little amphibians make great display animals.
By Lana Van De Mark

34 Komodo National Park
Walking with Varanus komodoensis.
By Anne Astorga

Apalochicola National Forest
A herping gem in Florida’s Panhandle.
By Benjamin Baker

The Beauty of ball pythons
The ball python is arguably the most popular reptile amongst keepers.
By Rebekah Pettit

Eight of the most popular geckos.
By John Virata

November December 2021

Herper’s Most Wanted: California Kingsnake

Reptiles of Hawaii:
Exploring the herps of O’ahu.
By John Virata

Striped Mud Turtle:
This little turtle is widely captive-bred.
By Anthony Pierlioni

The love of herpkeeping
5 ways to enjoy our passion.
By Foster Reves

Crested Gecko Enclosure
Upgrading Jello’s home.
By John Virata

Keeping the Skunk Gecko
This arboreal gecko is not often seen in the reptile hobby.
By Elizabeth Ralston

The Loggerhead Marinelife Center
The Florida-based center rescues and rehabilitates sea turtles.
By Rebekah Pettit

January February 2022

Herper’s Most Wanted: Western Fence Lizard
by Josiah Creasing

Vietnamese black-Breasted Leaf Turtle
This tiny turtle makes a great captive.
By Anthony Pierlioni

Call Sign: Critter Getter
Combat herping in Iraq.
By Stan Lake

7 tips for keeping a cornsnake
Quite possibly the most ideal pet snake.
By John Virata

Why enclosure Design matters
How much enrichment should we provide our captive reptiles?
By India Cullen

Conservation Efforts of Varanus niloticus
Quest to remove a plastic noose from a monitor lizard.
By Dr. Ingrid Sellschop

5 Snakes For Intermediate Keepers
Consider these beautiful snakes.
By John Virata

Top 10 Venomous snakes of Australia
You don’t want to be bitten by any of these snakes.
By J.V. Bolkan

March April 2022

Herper’s Most Wanted: Western Hognose Snake

REPTILES Interviews Dick bartlett
Elder statesman of the reptile community.
By Foster Reves

Scientific names
How did my reptile get its name?
By Rick van Mechelen

Keeping The Eastern Indigo The Einstein of snakes.
By Scarlett Nightshade

Red-Eyed Treefrogs
Care and breeding tips for this popular Anuran.
By Zach Brinks

Hatching Boiga cynodon
How an injured snake’s eggs were saved.
By Lohwana Halaq

The Top 5 Future Pet Reptiles
Based on Google Trends.
By John Virata

Captive Care And Breeding The Red-Eared Slider
Want to keep the most popular pet turtle? Read all about them here.
By Rebekah Pettit

May June 2022

Herper’s Most Wanted: Axolotl

The CHinese box turtle
Keeping the snake-eating turtle.
By Anthony Pierlioni

Zoo Med Philippines’ First Reptile Expo
Reptile keeping gets popular in the Philippines.
By B.P. Ross

Project Palaka
Saving the Gigantes Island Ground Frog.
By John Virata

the black-headed python
The beauty of this snake is not lost on its advanced keepers.
By Rebekah Pettit

The 3 Chameleons
Jackson’s, veileds, and panthers.
By John Virata

Herping Tioman Island
By Neil Miner

Mazuri nutrition
By Rebekah Pettit

Did you know?
Dart frog poison and toxicity.
By B.P. Ross

Caging and decor Buyer’s Guide

July August

Herper’s Most Wanted Milksnake

Ukraine’s BION Terrarium Center
Keeping reptiles alive during war.
By Foster Reves

Giant Tortoise Care
Galapagos and Aldabra tortoises in captivity.
By Rebekah Pettit

Robbie Hamper
Interview with the crested gecko queen.
By John Virata

Basilicus basilicus
Care and breeding the basilisk lizard.
By Eric Haycraft

Returning Texas Horned Lizards Into the wild
Captive breeding to bolster wild populations.
By John Virata

Peer pressure and pit vipers
On the trail of the author’s holy grail of reptiles.
By Stan Lake

Sept October 2022

Herper’s Most Wanted: Tiger Salamander

Vet report
Predisposing factors of gout in Australian dwarf monitors.
By Eric Los Kamp, DVM

Japanese sword-tail newt
Keeping and breeding Cynops
ensicauda ensicauda.
By Foster Reves

Batesian Mimicry
And the evolution of snakes.
By B.P. Ross

African Dwarf Mud Turtle
Care and breeding this little dynamo.
By Anthony Pierlioni

Massachusetts Northern Red-bellied Cooter Conservation
Working to ensure the successful recovery of this species.
By Robert Michelson

50 Herping Anza Borrego National Park
A gold mine of herps in the California desert.
By Neil Miner

Tips for keeping the California kingsnake
The California kingsnake is a feisty and beautiful colubrid with a tart attitude.
John Virata

November December 2022

Herper’s Most Wanted: Long-tailed grass lizard

African fat-tailed gecko
Natural history and care.
By Rebekah Pettit

The Blanding’s Turtle
A conservation success story.
By Robert S. Michelson

How herping west Africa
Got my ball python to eat.
By Larry Rodriguez

Copperhead Rescue
How the Amphibian Foundation started saving snakes.
By Maggie Gigandet

The levantine viper and the Snake Lady of Kashmir
Safely rescuing and relocating vipers in India.
By Thomas Sharp and Neellohit Banerjee

The Radiated Tortoise
Assurance colonies in captivity have helped the preservation of Astrochelys radiata.
By Rebekah Pettit

New Age Pet Mojave Reptile Lounge
A new entrant to the 4’x’2’x’2 enclosure space.
By John Virata

January February 2023

Herper’s Most Wanted
Northern Caiman Lizard

Vet Report
Cloacal prolapse
By Erik Los Kamp, DVM

Borneo Earless Monitor
The case for breeding Lanthanotus borneensis.
By B.P. Ross

The Rosy boa
Lichanura trivirgata is perfect in a rocky desert terrarium.
By John Virata

6 Beautiful Dart Frogs
Dart frogs make for beautiful display animals.
By John Virata

Care and breeding the sulcata tortoise
A big chelonian for expert keepers.
By Rebekah Pettit

Keeping Reptiles in Ireland
How the hobby fares in the land of no native snakes.
By Rachel Presser

The Cheat Mountain Salamander
Refugees to the mountaintop.
By Wesley Shaver

March April

Herper’s Most Wanted: Pink-bellied side-necked Turtle

Vet Report
Gut-loading your insects.
>By Eric Los Kamp, DVM

Champions of colubrids
By Jason Nelson

Interview with Dāv Kaufman
The host of Reptile Adventures speaks.
By Foster Reves

The Bearded Dragon
Caring for the most popular pet lizard.
By Autumn Baker

Zen Habitats 4’x 2’x 4’ Meridian Enclosure
Large enclosure with plenty of vertical space.
By John Virata

Herping in Singapore
Neil Miner and Dave DiNaso take us on an awesome Southeast Asian herping adventure.
By Neil Miner

The Egyptian Tortoise
Testudo kleinmanni in captivity.
By Anthony Pierlioni

May June 2023

Herper’s Most Wanted: Trans Pecos Rat Snake

14 Vet Report
Reptile medications.
>By Eric Los Kamp, DVM

16 The Way of the water dragon
A beautiful lizard for expert keepers only.
>By Alex Myers

24 Zoo Med Double Door Paludarium
A bioactive enclosure for Kweichow crocodile newts.
>By Foster Reves

36 The Spider Tortoise
Care and breeding this very small chelonian.
>By Anthony Pierlioni

44 the Toad lady falls for a kimberley rock monitor
Small in stature but big on personality.
>By Rachel Presser

52 diamondback terrapin conservation
Helping to secure the future of this most beautiful turtle.
>By Bob Michelson

60 Hitched at Hillman’s
How REPTILES magazine helped two readers get hitched.

July August 2023

Herper’s Most Wanted Vietnamese Mossy Frog

Vet report
Florida FWC’s Holy Thursday Massacre
By Eric Los Kamp, DVM

Rat Snakes of the USA
These stunning snakes come in a range of colors.
By Billy Fraser and Jason Nelson

Choosing The Right Substrates
When and how to use certain substrates.
By Eric Los Kamp, DVM

Bombina orientalis
Care and breeding the fire-bellied toad.
By Leandro Bergmann

The tortoise girl of antigua
How saving a tortoise 40 years ago led to a lifelong passion for redfoots.
By B.P. Ross

Snake Discovery’s Emily Roberts
One of Emily’s passions is educating the next generation of reptile lovers.
By Foster Reves

Spotted turtle conservation
Helping the spotted turtle thrive in the wild.
By Robert Michelson

Climate Control buyer’s guide
Products to help achieve climate goals for your herps.