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Reptiles Magazine 0402

Check out what’s inside the February 2004 issue of Reptiles magazine.

Deft Toads
What Time Is ‘Vet Time’?
Dead Mice To Kill Invasive Snakes In Guam


This month:
February 2004

A Who’s Who of North American Toads
Meet the Bufo species of your own backyard.


Play It Safe 
Trespassing while herping can lead to trouble, or even danger. These tips regarding safe Lone Star herping could help, no matter where you herp.

Dazzling Day Geckos
Learn how to keep and breed these terrarium beauties. 

Dicephalism in Snakes
Two heads are not always better than one!

The Rhinoceros Iguana 
Take an in-depth look at Cyclura cornuta


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