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Reptiles Magazine 0311

Check out what’s inside the November 2003 issue of Reptiles magazine.

You Know You’re Really Into Reptiles When…Part 2
Herper Headshotz – Jay Brewer
July 2009 Editor's Note


This month:
November 2003

Tree Frog Trio 
Green, gray and barking treefrogs – learn how to keep these awesome anurans. 


REPTILES Reader’s Survey 
We want to know more about you. Please take a moment to fill out and return our survey. 

Baja Dreaming, Herper Style 
Join a herpetologist on his quest for the feared and elusive ajolote. 

Under the Spiny’s Spell 
Aquarists looking for a challenge may want to consider Apalone spinifera, the hypnotic spiny softshell turtle. 

Cold-Blooded Coverage 
Getting insurance may be difficult, but doing so will protect your animals and your investment.

Nosing Around Rhino Ratsnakes
Follow the Fort Worth Zoo’s successful step-by-step approach to captive breeding Rhynchophis boulengeri.



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