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Python Hitches Ride On Engine Of Car In Zimbabwe

The python was safely removed and released.

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A farmer in Karoi, Zimbabwe captured a large rock python in his chicken coop and drove it four miles away to release it. The problem for Ben Mostert is the snake would have none of that and climbed under the car and into the engine bay. So Mostert drove around in hopes of dislodging the snake from underneath the car, according to CNN


When that didn’t work, Mostert popped the hood of the car, grabbed the snake behind the neck and with the help of another man, uncoiled the snake from the engine block and then dropped the snake in some brush next to the side of the road. 

This wasn’t the first encounter that Mostert has had with large constricting snakes, as these snakes are known to stow away under car hoods in Africa, and being he lives in Zimbabwe, it will probably not be his last.