PIJAC Campaign Adds Herps

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PIJAC Campaign Adds Herps

"Habitattitude" program now extends to herps.

Grand Cayman Blue Iguana Outline Image
Reptiles Magazine 0403
Breeder’s Choice – Uroplatus aff. henkeli

Every year thousands of unwanted pets are released into the environment. Those that survive may prey on, compete with, and spread diseases and parasites to native wildlife. They become “invasive species.” Each time an unwanted pet causes a problem the entire pet industry gets the blame.

Thus, the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council partnered with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Sea Grant to create the Habitattitude campaign.


Initially focused on fish and aquatic plants, it is now being expanded to include herps. Campaign goals are to ensure that pets are thoughtfully chosen and well cared for, help pet owners find alternatives to releasing their pets, and protect the natural environment from the impacts of unwanted pets. For more information, visit www.pijac.org and click on “Habitattitude.”