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Pet Products Honored At SuperZoo

BioBubble Terra Won First Place in the Reptile Category.

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A new line of bird toys and stands developed by A&E Cage Co. of Burlington, N.J., captured first place in the SuperZoo 2012 Best New Product Awards in Las Vegas.

An anonymous panel of media judges chose the winners from among the numerous new products on display. Brilliant Pet’s FroliCat Flik cat toy took second place and Angels’ Eyes new shampoo line came in third.


The stands are the first in the industry to use the wood of java trees, said John Lance, owner of A&E. The wood undergoes a curing process to keep it safe for birds.

“It’s a highly dense wood, which is good because the birds don’t chew it,” Lance said. “And the idea of having the dense wood is that the birds therapeutically exercise their digits on it.”

The line includes two sizes of tree stands, a bird “javarium”—a java stand inside an aviarium—and a series of toys designed for use with the stands and made from materials including coconut, woven wood and rope.

The FroliCat Flik is a white, disc-shaped mechanism that repeatedly flicks a string out from one side. Dubbed an “automatic teaser” by the company, it’s meant to encourage a cat’s instincts to stalk and pounce on prey, said Alan Cook, CEO of Chicago-based Brilliant Pet.

The new line of dog grooming products from Angels’ Eyes of Sunrise, Fla., includes a wide spectrum of ingredients and scents designed to last for several weeks. Each product is named after a geographic region, such as the Heartland Meadows hypoallergenic shampoo and Southern Comfort oatmeal shampoo and conditioner.


In addition, SuperZoo attendees voted for the new products they liked best. They winners are:


First Place Classic Paws/Aquatica Gallery  Magic Globe Aquarium
Second Place Central Garden & Pet Co. Aqueon Evolve Aquarium Kit 
Third Place  BioBubble Pets BioBubble Premium 


First Place A&E Cage Co. Java Wood Bird Toys
Second Place  Caitec Corp. Mastermind Foraging Devices
Third Place  Caitec Corp.

The Percher 



First Place  Lucky Litter (Brilliant Pet) FroliCat Flik 
Second Place  Lucky Litter (Brilliant Pet) FroliCat Dart Duo
Third Place  Lucky Litter (Brilliant Pet)  FroliCat Pounce


First Place  Dog for Dog  Dogsbutter 
Second Place  DogPacer  Mini Pacer
Third Place  All Paw Pet Products  Poogo Stick


First Place Perri’s Leather Clever Canine Collection


First Place  Angels’ Eyes  Angels’ Eyes Shampoo
Second Place  Envirogroom Envirogroom Natural Shampoos 
Third Place
Best Shot Pet Products
One Shot Maximum Strength


First Place  Critter Zone by Air Restore Critter Zone by Air Restore


First Place  BioBubble Pets  BioBubble Terra 
Second Place  A&E Cage Co.  Reptile Javarium 
Third Place  Fibercore Eco-Bedding 

Small Animal

First Place BioBubble Pets WonderBubble
Second Place  Lixit Corporation  Rabbit Feeder/Water Fount
Third Place D.B.A., Comfort Urns Pet’s Memorial Urns