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November 2011 Editor's Note

An In-Depth Look at West Indian Epicrates

Reptiles Magazine 1011
REPTILES Magazine Interview With Slash From Guns N' Roses.

Tom Crutchfield is an iconographic figure in the world of herpetoculture, and I’m happy to report that this issue features a lengthy article by Tom, co-authored with Ryan Potts, about the Epicrates boas that inhabit the West Indies. Tom has been captive breeding these for awhile, and in their photo-intensive centerfold article, he and Ryan offer a rundown on the nine species in the West Indies. (The sole Epicrates species not found in the West Indies is the rainbow boa, E. cenchria, which is found in South America). They also provide some basic care tips and breeding information for anyone who might want to try their hand at breeding these beauties, which can be somewhat rare in the hobby. If you think you might want to try breeding them after reading the article, you may also be interested in learning about some of the conservation-oriented captive-breeding efforts Tom and Ryan are working for on behalf of the endangered Bimini boa (E. striatus fosteri), a subspecies of the Haitan boa.

While the Epicrates article should enthrall snake enthusiasts, of course we’ve got more for other herpers who lean toward turtles (breeding wood turtles on page 20; eastern painted turtles on page 26), Eurycea salamanders (page 45) and leopard gecko health (page 52).


Snakes, lizards, turtles or salamanders — take your pick, they’re all inside this issue!