November 2009 Editor’s Note

At ReptileChannel.com, the blogs just keep coming.

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References For “New Hope For The Endangered Tomistoma”
Guidelines To Wild Pursuits

Writing a monthly editorial for REPTILES magazine is something I’ve gotten used to, but now that I’m writing a blog, too, finding something at least halfway interesting to write about is a whole new ball of wax. I have to come up with something reptile-related to write about and find the time to do it among the myriad of other duties as a group editor at Lumina Media, LLC. But I will admit that writing a regular blog for ReptileChannel.com is kind of fun.

Thousands of people a month are reading my “Random Neural Firings of a REPTILES Editor” blog, which makes me happy. It’s nice to know some people are finding it worthwhile, especially when they leave comments.


I’m not the only one with a blog on ReptileChannel.com. Kristin Van Alstine started her “Diary of a Mad Toad” blog at the same time as I did back in January, and she’s developed a following of readers who are anxious to read about her clan of cold-blooded creatures (that, folks, is called alliteration).

As you may know, bills are often introduced into governmental bodies that, if passed, could have a detrimental effect on reptile hobbyists, especially those who keep snakes. Enter the United States Association of Reptile Keepers, an organization that has been doing a great job of keeping reptile enthusiasts apprised of current legislative efforts.

Andrew Wyatt is the president of USARK, and I thought he’d be the perfect choice to helm a brand-new ReptileChannel.com blog to inform readers of the latest legal news. Thus “The Reptile Nation” blog made its debut in July, and it already promises to be a much-visited section of the website.

Visit ReptileChannel.com to read the blogs — and check back because new ones are in the works!