2010 REPTILES Article Index

An index of all the articles that appeared in REPTILES magazine during the year 2010.

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Reptiles Magazine 1011
Reptiles Magazine 1110

Breeder's Choice

January: Axanthic jaguar coastal carpet python.

February: Super citrus hypo-translucent bearded dragon.


March: Hypo-pastel pink-bellied side-necked turtle.

April: Hypo-translucent leather-back bearded dragon.

May: Diamond-jungle jaguar python.

June: Lavender bold-stripe Bell albino leopard gecko.

July: Albino carpet python.


August: Red albino blood python.

September: Helmeted gecko.

October: Granite jaguar carpet python.

November: Paroedura masobe.


December: Green tree monitor.

Buyer's Guides

February: Caging.

April: Lighting.

June: Diets and supplements.


August: Cage décor.

November: Holiday gift guide.

Herp Queries

January: White Out; Save the Snakes; True or False Cobra.


February: Powerful Advantage; Scare Tactic?

March: Morph or Defect?

April: Disappearing Variety; Bad Clutches.

May: Your Cage or Mine?; The Perfect Setting.


June: Contact Quagmire; No PDA:  Public Display of Animals.

July: Our Hobby Under Attack.

August: Snake Comparison.

September: Snippy Kingsnakes; Viper Versus Bushmaster.

October: Blue Red-Eyes; Watering Herps in Transit.

November: Vivarium Fungus; Snakebite Vaccinations.

December: A Snake for Kids; Eye of  the Beholder.

Herpers' Most Wanted

January: Painted turtles.

February: Reticulated python.

March: Spurred tortoise.

April: Curly tailed lizard.

May: Rosy boa.

June: Crested gecko.

July: Oriental fire-bellied toad.

August: Common musk turtle.

September: African fat-tailed gecko.

October: Tiger-legged monkey treefrog.

November: Fire skink.

December: Eastern glass lizard.

Living With Reptiles

January: Turtle Charm: A Californian reflects on the chelonians of her youth.

February: Hard Sell: A North Carolinian uses tact to add a lizard to the family.

March: It Started With One: A New York boy's interest spreads.

April: Skink Surprise: A North Carolinian went from frog man to lizard lover.

May: Rosy Outcome: A New Englander learns the value of a locked cage.

June: Leopard Love: A secret plan becomes a reptile reality.

July: Twice the Love: A two-headed beardie gets extra TLC.

August: Dining With Miss Beef: A blue-tongued skink has her way in the kitchen.

September: Turning Green With Geckos: A late-in-life herper builds   her menagerie.

October: Once Bitten, Not Shy: After a life-threatening snakebite, this boy loves all things scaly.

November: Office Entertainment: Getting sent to the principal's office can be a good thing.

December: Birthday Beardie: This young herper knew just what she wanted for her big day.

Reptile Retailer Spotlight

January: Pet'acular Exotics, Antioch, Calif.

March: Plano Pets, Plano, Texas.

May: DnJ Reptiles, Seaford, N.Y.

July: Jim's Pet World, Villa Park, Ill.

September: The Tye-Dyed Iguana, Fairview Heights, Ill.

November: The Exotic Amphibian and Reptile Center, St. Louis.

Vet Q&A

January: Drooling Chameleon.

February: Mouth Lump; Scent and Sensitivities; Hidden Meds.

March: Lumpy Carpet.

April: Scary Skin.

May: Get a Toehold on Shedding Problems; Turtle Eye Infection.

June: Constipated Chameleon;  Lumpy Python.

July: Mystery Shell Spot; Regurgitating Gecko.

August: Anorexic Reptiles.

September: Infected Eyes.

October: Blocked Gecko; Beardie Stopped Basking; Mite Issue.

November: Pimpled Caiman?;   Scabby Skin; Python Won't Eat.

December: Sticky Geckos; Muddy Eyes; Sunken Eyes.

Who's Who in REPTILES

January: Nigel Marven: A filmmaker works to excite a new generation.

February: Elliott Jacobson: A veterinarian shapes herp medicine and future vets.

April: Greg Maxwell: Green tree pythons are his obsession.

June: Danté Fenolio: A biologist works to save amphibians he once kept.

August: Tim Hoen: Preserving Costa Rica's rain forests.

October: Kim and Mark Bell: The couple that changed the breeding industry.

December: Dr. Fredric Frye: The Father of Herpetological Medicine. 


• Herp Halloween Costume Craze! (costume contest winners)
• White Carpet (breeding for albino carpet pythons)
• Camouflage Kings (Malaysian horned frog)
• Broad Appeal (broad-leaf-tailed gecko)
• 10 Tadpole Tips
• 2009 REPTILES Article Index 

• Reproducing Red-Foots (breeding red-footed tortoises)
• Waste Not (wet-dry water filters)
• Savannah Savvy (savannah monitor)
• Black Russian (Russian rat snake)

• Strike Gold (breeding gold-dust day geckos)
• Facts Not to Be Mist (misting systems)
• Triceratops in the Trees (Jackson's chameleon)
• Living the Dream (how to become  a herpetologist)
• The Newt Report

• Getting Ahead (breeding black-headed pythons)
• Rock Solid (Cuban rock iguana)
• King of the Canopy (Amazon     tree boa)
• Herping the Pearl (Sri Lanka herping)

• Desert Jewels (breeding collared lizards)
• From Russia With Love (Russian tortoise)
• Familiar Favorite (eastern garter snake)
• Planting for Success (live plants      in vivaria)
• Bravo for Bufo! (European toad)

• Unveil the Mystery (breeding veiled chameleons)
• Precious and Tiny (bog turtle)
• All Eyes on You (jeweled lacerta)
• Dwarf Boas of the Caribbean
• Battle of the Big Lizards (lace monitors battle)

• Unusual Aussie (breeding common snaked-necked turtles)
• Create the Ideal Environment (heating and cooling solutions)
• True Blue (blue-spotted monitor)
• The Caiman Challenge (spectacled caiman)
• Reptile Economy

• Unusual Beauty (breeding rough-snouted geckos)
• Win Over Reluctant Feeders (colubrid feeding tips)
• Tiny Gems (thumbnail dart frog)
• Think Big (Idaho giant salamander)

• Large and Majestic (breeding Solomon Island prehensile-tailed skinks)
• Exotic Egyptians (Egyptian tortoise)
• Pantanal Paradise (Pantanal herping)
• The Scourge of Skin (ectoparasites)
• Cozy Up (Hog Island boa)

• Cameroon Adventure (Cameroon expedition contest winner)
• Rare Beauty (breeding painted terrapins)
• Exotic Appeal (plumed basilisk)
• The Cooters (river and pond cooters)
• Big Budgett's (Budgett's frog)

• Bright Blue (breeding blue dart frogs)
• Take Home the Trophy (trophy jungle carpet python)
• Artist's Palette (corn snake)
• Unusual Abronia

• Build a Desert Lizard Vivarium
• Herper's Heaven (Galápagos herping)
• 6 Steps for Success (breeding green tree pythons)
• Mediterranean Delight (marginated tortoise)
• In Pursuit of Antivenom (Sri Lanka antivenom research)