Nicole Richie Gives Her Bearded Dragon A Soak

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Nicole Richie Gives Her Bearded Dragon A Soak

Nicole Richie keeps a bearded dragon and dances while letting it soak.

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It is not too often that you hear of celebrities taking a genuine interest in keeping reptiles. Slash from Guns n Roses, Nicolas Cage and Willow Smith (daughter of Will Smith) are some of the few names  that come to mind, (Justin Bieber doesn’t count because keeping a ball python for a few months seemed to be just a publicity stunt) folks who were or are into reptile keeping.

Nicole Richie dances while Speedy soaks


Nicole Richie gives her bearded dragon, Speedy a soak, while she dances.

Then there is fashion designer Nicole Richie. Richie posted a video of herself and her pet bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps), Speedy, on Instagram, with Ritchie dancing to the tune of Bobby Darin’s Splish Splash.


In the clip, Speedy is having a soak in an aluminum bathtub while Richie, well she is grooving to Darin’s catchy tune. Richie's daughter, who seems to be taking the video, let’s out a little giggle as the camera pans to Richie, then to Speedy, and then back to Richie. Richie's daughter then says, “Mommy, Speedy’s embarrassed.”  Speedy then looks away, at the camera, and then toward where Richie is getting her groove on.

“Just get me my crickets!” Speedy must be thinking, seemingly unamused at the dancing going on.