New Book Showcases Rare and Incredible Herp Photography


New Book Showcases Rare and Incredible Herp Photography

All over the world there are extraordinary Reptiles and Amphibians hiding among the unique habitats they exist in, but many of us will never see

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Herping California’s Channel Islands

All over the world there are extraordinary Reptiles and Amphibians hiding among the unique habitats they exist in, but many of us will never see them. While herping is a naturalist favorite for everyone, very few people get up close and personal with the rare, endangered, dangerous and elusive herps. But now you can, without the risk! World renowned Wildlife photographer Matthijs Kuijpers and his team are in the process of publishing a new book called "Cold Instinct," designed to showcase the most beautiful, bizarre, rare, and endangered Reptiles and Amphibians of our world. The book is an incomparable collection of some of the most rare and stunning Herps of the planet, with over 27 years in the making. The mission of this project is to, "…publish an art book on nature of the highest quality, a collectable coffee table book with dramatic and captivating photography." 


Matthijs Kuijpers

 Atheris hispida (Spiny Bush Viper) featured in upcoming book 'Cold Instinct' 

Captivating the Cold Blooded

Matthjis has worked in wildlife photography for most of his life, perfecting his art and producing stunning, one of a kind shots. He is an award winning artist who's photography has been featured on Natgeo, BBC Willife Magazine, and Netflix to name just a few. While he is skilled with the camera, he also has extensive animal behavior experience, which allows him to get award winning shots of large and venomous reptile species like Vipers, Cobras, Komodo Dragons, and more. The book includes Venomous and Poisonous species like the White Lipped Tree Viper, King Cobra, Pit Vipers, Rhino Vipers, Poison Dart Frogs, and more, all photographed by Matthijs.


Matthijs Kuijpers

Cold Blooded Passions

Early in his career, Matthijs left school to live in Madagascar to study Reptiles and Amphibians. Madagascar is a Reptile and Amphibian paradise, and is filled with all sorts of endangered, endemic creatures. Matthijs has become an expert photographer on the species there and showcases many in his upcoming book "Cold Blooded." He has traveled all over the world to pursue some of the most dangerous and feared herptiles of the planet. His incomparable dedication has allowed him to photographer over 1500 species and create stunning artwork with these animals. With prestigous equiptment and talented camera/editing skills, he is able to completely focus on the animal, removing habitat and environmental backgrounds to create stunning, one of a kind portraits. 



"Cold Instinct" is 27 years in the making featuring Herps from around the planet.

Conservation in 'Cold Instinct'

The Book is available now for preorder on its own Kickstarter campaign, which offers many different packages that allows you to get your hands on some of the first available copies! The book is over 150 pages, 72 featured photos, 8 colorful index pages, and surprising centerfold poster portraits.  
Reptiles and Amphibians are often demonized, feared, and misunderstood in the media, but projects like "Cold Instinct" offer a fresh and intriguing perspective to represented these animals. Conservation through education is connected by awareness and general interest! Some of the Herps featured in the project include Galapagos Iguanas, Madagascar Geckos and Chameleons, Vietnamese Mossy Frogs, African Bush Vipers, and so much more! Support the campaign and order your copy today! You can also view Matthjis Kuijpers photography through his instagram page