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Egyptian Uromastyx

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The Egyptian Uromastyx is one of the most commonly available spiny-tailed lizards. Caging decisions may be left to the owner's discretion, as Egyptian Uromastyx can be set up in aquariums, metal livestock watering tanks or plastic tubs. Owners may build their own cage out of wood and glass, or keep Egyptian Uromastyx outside in natural cages if weather permits. It is important to remember that adult Egyptian Uromastyx can reach lengths of 30 inches and weigh several pounds. Egyptian Uromastyx eat plants and will take insects when available. A salad made from a variety of nutritious fruits and vegetables will be readily eaten by this Uromastyx. Once a week, a multivitamin/mineral supplement should be added to the lizard's salad. Egyptian Uromastyx will also eat crickets, waxworms and superworms. The Egyptian Uromastyx desert environment should be simulated. An incandescent spotlight is an excellent source of heat. Heating pads or other subsurface heating units can help control temperatures in different parts of the cage. Certain ultraviolet light (UVB) is important for producing vitamin D3, which is necessary for calcium absorption. The Egyptian Uromastyx coloring is more vivid under ultraviolet lighting. For more information, read our detailed Egyptian Uromastyx care sheet.





The Arabian Peninsula and the Sahara of northern Africa.

Scientific Name: Uromastyx aegyptia
Species Group: uromastyx
Family: Agamidae
Size: Adult Egyptian Uromastyx can reach lengths of 30 inches and weigh several pounds.
Level: intermediate
Dangerous: No

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