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January 2008 Editor's Note

Some changes are afoot for 2008 – and they're starting now.

Herper Headshotz – Yusuke Murai
Reptiles Magazine 0502
Gigantic Reptile Killer Unmasked

Heading into our 2008 issues, you’ll see some changes in REPTILES. First, there’s our “face-lift.” Yep, we’ve gotten a complete design overhaul, and we’re enthusiastic about our new, more modern look. We hope you like it, too.

Two new columns make their debut this issue. “Reptile Industry Insider,” by Jon Coote, offers wisdom, insight and ponderings about the reptile industry’s past, present and future. Professional “reptile people” are always interested in what Jon has to say, and I think you will be, too.


For young herp hobbyists, “HerpKidz” features fun puzzles and other activities — all with a herpetological theme, of course. Kids can submit drawings, too, and any young artist who’s artwork is used will receive a reptile-related prize from the column’s sponsor. Although “HerpKidz” was created with kids in mind, plenty of editors had fun trying to find all 11 differences in the “Spot the Differences” drawings on page 84!

Sadly, we’re saying goodbye to “The Turtle Chronicles,” but turtle and tortoise fans, try not to be too disappointed. We’re planning plenty of chelonian feature articles for 2008. The first is a species profile on page 62 of this issue’s beautiful cover subject, the Indian star tortoise (Geochelone elegans).

“Ask the Breeder” has undergone a metamorphosis. No longer a question-and-answer column written solely by Jerry Walls, the breeding column has been reborn as “The Breeder’s Notebook.” It will feature a different breeding article each month, written by a rotating roster of today’s top reptile breeders. Kicking things off this issue is Ken Foose writing about indigo snakes.

It’s time to enjoy the new-for-2008 REPTILES — read on!