Hoffmann's Reptiles In Concord California

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Hoffmann's Reptiles In Concord California

At Hoffmann's Reptiles, you can find everything you need to keep your herps healthy.

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Opportunity often will arise during the most challenging times. It was 1980, and Dan Hoffmann was out of work. A recession had taken hold of the economy and many people struggled just to survive. At the time, Dan and his wife, Joyce, were bird owners, and the store they normally purchased their supplies from wanted to move and was seeking someone to take over their two-year lease. Despite the odds, Dan came home and announced, "We're opening a pet store."

They had no idea how. All they had was a passion for animals, reptiles especially, and no choice but to succeed. Failure meant financial ruin. "We knew nothing about demographics, competition, target market, purchasing animals or budget," Dan says. "We just kept reinvesting in ourselves."


On March 3rd, they opened their 800-square-foot store with $3,000. Now, more than 30 years later, they've grown their location to 1,700 square feet. Although they started with a variety of animals, including birds, dogs, cats and even raccoons, they eventually narrowed their focus to reptiles and amphibians. When you walk in the door of Hoffmann's Reptiles, you can find everything you need to keep your herps healthy. Feeder insects, caging, lights and substrate are just for starters. If you are not sure what your new reptile will need, the Hoffmann's are more than happy to help. Both Dan and Joyce grew up with an appreciation for reptiles and the desire to promote their proper care.

"We have designed vivariums we call Reprite Cages, a wooden enclosure with glass front. It's designed to hold in the heat and humidity for the reptiles," Dan says. "We set up the cage for the individual pet. Set up includes all the equipment the animal needs. Just add the pet, take the enclosure home and plug it in. We offer cage cleaning for our cages, boarding and health checks. Our services go beyond your original purchase, for the life of the animal. We specialize in family-friendly reptiles."

It did not take customers in the area long to discover the treasures of Hoffmann's Reptiles. "We've been told we're better than going to the zoo! We're now seeing the kid in the 80s coming in with their children and now the grand kids."

Words of Wisdom

"Be cautious of the information that's out there. It seems like every one who's had a herp for six months is a self-appointed expert. Remember that these are creatures with feelings and needs. They should be given the best care and caging, not the cheapest you can get away with! The environment makes or breaks the animal."

Unusual Advertising

"In the first decade of our store, I could be seen around town on my motorcycle with my Sheltie dog's head poking out of my jacket and our raccoon on the seat behind me holding onto my waist (with a leash and harness, of course [and before laws prohibited owning one]). I would give out our business card to curious people at traffic lights!"


Hoffmann's Reptiles
2359 Concord Blvd,
Concord, CA 94520