Herper Headshotz – Loren Leigh

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Herper Headshotz – Loren Leigh

Herper Headshotz - Loren Leigh owner of LLLReptile and Supply.

Breeder’s Choice – Super Stripe Boa
Breeder’s Choice – Spider Ball Python
Breeder’s Choice – Jaguar Carpet Python

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Loren Leigh


Herper Headshotz Quiz
July 10 – July 16, 2009

1.  Who is this? 
     Answer: Loren Leigh

2.  What is his involvement with reptiles? 
     Answer: Owns LLLReptile and Supply

3.  At a reptile show, you will most often find him… 
     Answer: Selling reptiles and supplies

Every correct answer received before the end date receives 25 points per correct answer for their Club Reptile account within 3 business days of the close of the contest.