<em>REPTILES</em> Magazine Reaches 20 Years Old

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<em>REPTILES</em> Magazine Reaches 20 Years Old

Premier reptile magazine passes a milestone.

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Celebrating 20 years

REPTILES magazine is celebrating 20 years of publishing in 2012, and you get to open the presents. All you have to do is enter our REPTILES Turns 20 Contest. Winners will receive a variety of prizes and products. Click here to find out more.

If you are like most of us in the hobby, the recent python ban is a big concern. Group Editor Russ Case consulted several industry heavyweights and those involved in reptile legislation to find out just what it means for those of us who love the larger snakes. To read this interview, turn to page 46 of the magazine.


Want to give us your thoughts (or just a piece of your mind)? We get a great deal of phone calls, especially as of late, but we are unfortunately not staffed to answer questions about animals and legislation over the phone. The best way to reach us is through ReptileChannel.com. Send us an e-mail through the website and you might just see your letter in the pages of our “MailBag” section.