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Frilled dragons are flashy and fairly easy to keep.

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The frilled dragon (Chlamydosaurus kingii) is arguably the most recognizable of all lizards and for good reason. The expanse of the skin flap around its neck can reach dinner-plate proportions, and when the lizard is threatened, the vibrant colors within the frill explode to life. It’s a sharp contrast to the overall earthy brown and gray tones the lizard generally possesses when it’s calm. A large, bright-white to yellow, open mouth with fanglike teeth measuring one-eighth inch are also part of this defensive display, which deters potential predators by making the lizard look too big — or scary — to swallow.

If this technique doesn’t work, frillies can take off on their hind legs and boogie down to the nearest tree. They’ve also been known to calmly bipedal around when searching for food or mates. Who wouldn’t want one of these lizards?


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