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Enter The REPTILES Magazine “Creature Teacher” Contest

Enter the REPTILES magazine “Creature Teacher” Contest and Win Great Prizes for Your Class.

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Over the years, many teachers and students have written to REPTILES and delighted in telling us about the herps living in their classrooms. Sometimes the animals are there to provide lessons in biology or other studies. Other times they may be class pets with students taking turns caring for them while learning important lessons about the responsibilities of pet ownership.

No matter the reason for the animals’ presence, the enthusiasm always shines through, and it’s apparent reptiles and amphibians can be welcome additions to a classroom.


If you are a teacher keeping herps in the classroom, tell us about the animals you keep and why you have them in class. We would love to see photos, too: of you, your students and the herps in the classroom.

OK, teachers, we’re looking forward to learning how you use reptiles in your classrooms. We will review submissions and choose one winner, who will be revealed in the June 2008 issue.
Good luck!

In lieu of an apple, the Creature Teacher will receive:

• A certificate from REPTILES magazine proclaiming the winner as the official REPTILES Creature Teacher.

• A year’s subscription to REPTILES for every student in the Creature Teacher’s classroom.


• A pair of sunglow leopard geckos from The Urban Gecko.

• A 20-gallon long tank with a screen top from Glasscages.com.

• Lighting, décor and accessory supplies from Zoo Med.

• A Juragon Reptile Incubator from Kemp’s Incubators.


• One-year membership, books and a $100 gift certificate from the International Reptile Conservation Foundation.

Deadline and Entry Rules
1. The deadline to enter is January 31, 2008.

The Creature Teacher contest is now over. Check out the June 2008 issue of REPTILES magazine to see the winner!