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CNN Animal Rights Show

CNN gave animal rights radicals a platform.

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This week’s blog is a guest blog of sorts. I would like you to please read the important message below from Patti Strand of the National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA), and make your voice heard.

Dear Andrew,


It is time to educate CNN about the radical animal rights agenda and their dangerous promotion of it!

CNN aired a full hour special called Jane's Fight for Animal Rights. It features representatives from the hardcore animal rights fundraising groups, PETA, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Sea Shepherd, In Defense of Animals, Farm Sanctuary, and Mercy for Animals – not one of which represents mainstream values. It also includes cameo appearances from celebrity spokespeople for animal rights, Bob Barker, Pierce Brosnan, and others used to legitimize extremist views.

Media depends on ratings to stay on the air, so it's understandable that TV networks sometimes select groups whose media-grabbing antics and out-of-the-mainstream views makes them newsworthy, at least as representing a minority point of view. What makes CNN's show so reprehensible is their lack of balance, their lack of providing people representing the majority view the opportunity to refute extremist claims with fact-based evidence.

The result is that CNN's show is providing radicals a platform to be seen as America's go-to resource when it comes to animal issues. Thus, PETA, a group that has refused to condemn violence committed in the names of animals, HSUS, a group with a spokesperson who said his goal is the abolition of agriculture, and Sea Shepherd whose leader, Paul Watson was recently placed on Interpol's International Wanted List all get free publicity and the CNN bully pulpit.

It's vitally important that you tell CNN how you feel about their program and about the groups they've selected to represent animal issues. CNN needs to understand that pandering to sensationalism not only hurts the people who actually care for animals, it hurts the animals themselves. Let's use this opportunity to educate CNN about the animal rights agenda and how it differs from true animal welfare.


Please click to write to CNN>>

Here are some resources you can use in composing your letter:
• Quotes from animal rights leaders showing how radical they are
• The animal rights agenda
• Description of animal rights versus animal welfare
• NAIA's value statement

Good luck!
Patti Strand, National Director NAIA

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