CaribSea Pet Store Makeover Contest

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CaribSea Pet Store Makeover Contest

CaribSea's pet store makeover contest awards products and other gear to pet stores.

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CaribSea is offering store makeovers to pet stores that are a positive asset to the pet industry.

Winning stores will receive a case each of all of CaribSea's reptile, aquatic and small animal substrates; one case each of aquascaping rocks and driftwood; a full order of Blue Solutions Additives and Cal-Stron; six cases of Sea-Pure seawater; and support materials such as window signs, posters, T-shirts, temporary tattoos and aquarium clings.


CaribSea has already picked the first winning store, Pet and Hobby in Winston-Salem, N.C., and the company will continue to select a winner every three months. The next winner will be chosen in the second week of January.

According to the company, any retail store that carries CaribSea products is eligible for the contest. Store owners can enter the contest by sending an e-mail that tells a little about themselves and their store to Entrants should also send a couple of pictures and explain why CaribSea should pick their store.