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April 2008 Editor's Note

2008 — A good year to move your reptile hobby to the next level.

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I know this is the April 2008 issue, but it’s January 8 as I write this, so let’s look at some possible New Year’s resolutions for 2008. I don’t usually make resolutions because I typically forget about them by the second week of January, but even though I may be a bad role model in this regard, I still want to encourage you to think about making some. Perhaps you can move your herp hobby forward over the course of the next year.

Consider taking a new step during 2008. Let’s say you’ve been successfully keeping leopard geckos or bearded dragons. Maybe now is a good time to add some new, increasingly challenging pets to your collection. Of course, you’ll want to do your research before you get any new additions, but there are always cool new animals available for you to try.


Are you a “homebody herper” who doesn’t venture much farther than your local pet stores to buy herps? If so, think about taking your hobby on the road this year. There’s a lot to learn beyond your own neighborhood, whether you’re seeing new species for the first time at out-of-town reptile expos or educating yourself at events such as the International Herpetological Symposium (in Nashville, Tenn., this June). Of course, searching for wild herps is fun, too, and a trek to the wilderness to search for some might be a fun new activity for you to try.

Or maybe you’d like to join a herp club — many are out there. Find state-by-state listings here:

New animals and activities will help keep your herp hobby fresh and invigorating in 2008— try it!