Breeder’s Choice – Piebald Mussurana

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Breeder’s Choice – Piebald Mussurana

Piebald Mussurana

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Breeder comments

“The founding piebald mussurana was a super-pied female, with an all-white body and a black head. Her captive history began as a full-grown adult in 1992. When bred to normal black males, she produced all-piebald offspring, which have only recently made their way into the U.S. pet trade. The piebald gene was proven to be co-dominant with piebalds acting as visual hets for super pieds. The contrast between the shiny, jet-black scalation and the white is remarkable, and it makes for a unique-looking animal. The piebald mussurana’s appearance combined with their gentle nature and voracious appetite make them an exciting species to be working with.”


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