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Male Leucistic Boa Constrictor Boa constrictor

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Submitted by Jeremy Stone

Jeremy Stone Reptiles



"Since 2006, we have been quiet about raising what we believe to be the only male leucistic boa constrictor in existence. After years of growth, and a failed breeding attempt in '09, we finally were able to get babies produced in 2010 and 2011. Knowing now that his future generations are secure, we are happy to announce this rare project, what we call the Princess Diamond Project. With very few new morphs left, the world has patiently waited for a lucy boa. We are pleased to say this gene is here for all white snake fans to enjoy. This snake is a white boa, with jet-black eyes and a red "Jedi" slit as the pupil. The shape of the head separates it from all other white snakes. It has the amazing boa constrictor white diamond head, but it is missing the pits you see in other exotic white snakes. I feel very lucky to have been able to work with this rare gem. It is considered one of the rarest exotic morphs on the planet."