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2013 REPTILES Article Index

An index of all the articles that appeared in REPTILES magazine during the year 2013.

Save The Frogs Day
Bearded Dragon Digging
Reptile Not Growing

Breeder's Choice

January: Stripe paradox albino sand boa

February: Albino knob-tailed gecko


March: Lavender stripe corn snake

April: Palmetto corn snake

May: Calico crested gecko

June: Nuclear stripe Kenyan sand boa

July: Hypomelanistic rainbow Dunner bearded dragon


August: Hormonal-blue Kofiau chondro

September: Albino northern diamondback terrapin

October: Orange dream fire pinstripe yellow-belly ball python

November: Zorro bandit leopard gecko


December: Diamondback leopard gecko

Buyer's Guides

January: Caging and Décor

March: Lighting

May: Climate Control


July: Food and Supplement

September: Health Products

Herp Queries

January: Pro Shows; Search Images


February: Baby Boxes; Albino Blue-Tongues

March: Splitting Species; Snake Road

April: What's the Skinny; Herp Health Assessment; Splitting Costs

May: Separation Anxiety; Conservation Conundrum


June: Pattern Preference; 'Ye 'Ol Slides; Crocs vs. Pythons

July: Blind Snakes; Science Exploited

August: Breeding Western vs. Tricolor Hognose Snakes; Photo Tip

September: Snake Hunting Efficiency

October: To Loan or Not to Loan; Any Rattle on Round-Ups?

November: Up Close and Personal; The Scoop on Poop

December: Night Cruising; Almost Corny, But Not Quite

Herpers' Most Wanted

January: American spadefoot toad

February: Madagascan giant hognose snake

March: Rankin's or Lawson's Dragon

April: Common snapping turtle

May: Western banded gecko

June: Southern alligator lizard

July: Home's hingeback tortoise

August: Checkered garter snake

September: Surinam toad

October: Prairie kingsnake

November: Burmese mountain tortoises

December: Black-tailed cribo

Reptile Retailer Spotlight

February: Reptile Rapture

April: Route 4 Aquarium

June: LLLReptile

November: Reptiles-N-Reefs

Who's Who in REPTILES

January: John Clare

March: Robert Krause

May: Brian Potter

August: John Callaham

December: Michael Shrom

Vet Report

January: IBD Breaking News

February: Second Opinions

March: Do Herps Suffer?

April: Does My Herp Need a Fecal Parasite Test?

May: News Flash: I'm a Reptile/Amphibian Specialist!

June: Common Viral Diseases

July: Antibiotic Use in Herps

August: Record It!

September: Vomiting and Regurgitation

October: Advance Diagnostic Imaging

November: Internet: Blessing and Curse

December: Mites in Reptiles


•Blessed Beauty (blessed dart frog)
•The Velvet Carpet (carpet python)
•An Oldie But a Goodie (green anole)
•Herping the Arid Zone (Arizona herping)

• Snap! (alligator snapping turtle)
• Have a Ball (ball python)
•Go Natural (build a natural enclosure)
•Energetic Aussie (Australian water dragon)
•Enchanted Islands of Fire & Reptiles (Galapagos Islands)

•Enter the "Living Wit Reptiles" Contest!
•Large & Majestic (New Caledonian giant gecko)
•Wonderful Warts (warty newts)
•Spiny Secrets Revealed! (Asian spiny turtle)
•American Green (smooth green snake)
•Hew Hope for the Endangered Tomistoma

•Blessed be the Bearded Dragon
• Top 10 Dart Frogs
• Beginner Chameleons
• The Charm of Rats (Pantherophis rat snakes)
• Vietnam Adventure

•Unconventional Beauty (Reeve's turtle)
• Darlings from Down Under (Australian barking gecko)
• Colorful Captives (rainbow boas)
• Wish You Were Here (herp postcards)

• Calling All Artists! ("Drawn to Reptiles" contest reminder)
• Got Milk (Amazon milk frogs)
• Going Green (green tree python)
• Herps of Yellowstone
• The Wizard of Oz (John Cann)

• An American Classic (spotted turtle)
• Perennial Favorites (leopard gecko)
• Top 10 Hatching Tips
• On the Vine (Asian vine snake)
• The Iberian Penninsula

• The Living With Reptiles Contest Winners
• Fire in the Belly (fire-bellied newts)
• A Cryptic Skink Unmasked (prehensile-tailed skink)
• Straight Talk on Snake Ailments
• Madagascar Memories

• A Great, Grand Turtle (red-eared slider)
• The Comeback Constrictor (boa constrictor)
• Skink Secrets (red-eyed crocodile skink)
• Monkeying Around (tiger-legged monkey tree frog)

• The "Drawn to Reptiles" Art Contest Results
• Mesmerizing Milks (milk snakes)
• So Long (elongated tortoise)
• New CITIES Herp Listings
• Plated Protection (plated lizard)
• Not Your Average Newts (Spanish ribbed newt)

• Ever-Popular Corn Snake
• Sand & Stone (create a desert vivarium)
• Rare Red-Necks (Kwangung turtle)
• Water-Lovin Lizard (caiman lizard)

• An Under-Appreciated Gem (common musk turtle)
• Not Your Father's Retic (reticulated python)
• Is a Tegu Right For You?
• Your New Reptile Owner Check List
• When Disaster Strikes