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2012 REPTILES Article Index

An index of all the articles that appeared in REPTILES magazine during the year 2012.

Reptile Swelling And Infection
Herp Habitats: Chameleon
Reptiles And Amphibians Living Together

Breeder’s Choice
January: Anery striped tessera corn snake
February: Leucistic boa constrictor
March: Russo clown ball python
April: Uroplatus aff. henkeli
May: Meller’s chameleon
June:  Piebald mussurana
July: Wolkberg dwarf chameleon
August: Blood-red corn snake
September: Full-spectrum, hypotrans, microscale leatherback bearded dragon
October: Candy-striped Brazilian
rainbow boa
November: Hypomelanistic sunspot
corn snake
December: Purple albino and purple tiger albino red tegu

Buyer’s Guides
February: Caging and Décor
April: Lighting
June: Food and Supplements
August: Climate Control
November: Holiday Gifts
Herp Queries
January: Zigzagging Corn Snakes; Falling to Pieces
February: Go Lick an Eyeball; Spiny Softshells
March: Not So Rosy; Lizard-Catching Tricks
April: Milks vs. Kings; Keeping Giants; Revealing Location
May: Abnormal Interests?; A Caiman
with Glasses?
June: Frog Ears?; Why the Secrecy?
July: From Cruel to Conservation;
Avoid a Bite
August: Picture Perfect; Survival Skills or Showmanship?
September: Challenging (and Stinky) Captives; A Leaf by Any Other Name; Blue-Bellied Lizard?
October: Instagram; Endemic Herps
November: True Blue; When Corns Don’t Eat
December: Snake Sexing; Wrestling Toads


Herpers’ Most Wanted
January: Vietnamese mossy frog
February: Trans-Pecos rat snake
March: Diamondback terrapin
April: Cameroon blue caecilian
May: Greek tortoise
June: Woma
July: Steppe runner
August: Painted agama
September: Club-tailed iguana
October: European pond turtle
November: Cuban knight anole
December: Tiger rat snake
Reptile Retailer Spotlight
February: The Pet Zone
April: The Reptile Shop
June: GBU Enterprises Exotic Pets
August: Hoffmann’s Reptiles
September: Ameyzoo
December: Exotic Amphibian and Reptile Center

Vet Report
January: Why Bother Visiting a Reptile Vet?
February: Farewell to a Friend
March: Medication Melodrama
April: Emergency Care
May: The Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians
June: Ophidiophobia
July: Seek Help or Say Goodbye
August: What’s Killing the Iguanas?
September: Reptiles and Cancer
October: Not Eating
November: Natural Options
December: Unplanned Breeding

Who’s Who in REPTILES
January: Todd Goodman
March: Craig Ivanyi
May: Ken Panse
July: Mark Seward
September: Tom Crutchfield
November: Tom White




• Coming to America (pink-bellied side-necked turtle)
• Contagious and Deadly (Atadenovirus infection in
bearded dragons)
• African Treasure (Kenyan sand boa)
• Reptile Wrangling in Namibia
• 2011 Article Index

• Coming Up Rosy (rosy boas)
• Spotted & Spectacular
(leopard tortoise)
• Leaping Lizard (leopard lizard)
• The Misunderstood Boomslang
• Orinoco Croc Encounters

• Spice Things Up (cinnamon tree frog)
• Legal Laments of Modern Herping
• Herp Holiday (Costa Rica)
REPTILES Tat Attack! Contest Announcement
• Hooray for the Hognose
• An Owner’s Guide to the Argus Monitor


• The Long and the Blunt of It (Mojave Desert leopards)
• The "Grandfather Python” (Boelen’s python)
• A Celebrity Lizard Exposed (giant day gecko)
• Mr. Softy (soft-shelled turtles)
• Rattlesnake Roundups

• Miracle Babies! (Galapagos tortoises)
• The Rarest Python (rough-scaled python)
• Chameleon Quest (Cameroon expedition)
• Golden Opportunity (golden dart frog)
• Pink-Tongued Tips (pink-tongued skink)

• The Pancake Tortoise Owner’s Guide
• Beyond Weird (Surinam underwater toad)
• The Jewels of Fiji (Fiji crested iguana)
REPTILES Turns 20! Contest Announcement
• The Python Ban

• Third Toe is a Charm (three-toed box turtle)
• Dragons in Downtown Bangkok (water monitors)
• Swift & Spiny (Sceloporus lizards)
• Steppe Runner Raffle Announcement
• The Kings of Mexico (Mexican kingsnakes)
• Jewel of Bismarck (Bismarck ringed python)


• A True Boa Beauty (rainbow boa)
• The Fearsome 5 (top five aquatic turtle ailments)
• The Ultimate Gecko Guide
• REPTILES 2012 Tat Attack! Contest Winners
• Saving the World’s Sea Turtles
• Heating Things Up (warming your reptiles the right way)

• Tortoise Breeding Indoors
(Russian tortoise)
• American Oddity (rubber boa)
• Pac-Man Fever (Ceratophrys frogs)
• Big Charm, Small Package (Bauer’s chameleon gecko)
• Get Connected (herp societies)

REPTILES 20th Anniversary Contest Winners Revealed
• 20 Herps That Rocked the Reptile World
• Smile Big (Blanding’s turtle)
• The Big Sleep (tortoise and turtle hibernation, brumation and aestivation)
• Spiny-Tailed Beauties (spiny-tailed iguanas)
• Odd Aquatic (tentacled snake)

• Meet the REPTILES 2012 Steppe Runner Contest Winners
• Red Feet, Cool Tortoise
(red-footed tortoise)
• The Frillie Factor (frilled lizard)
• Cryptic & Rare (annulated tree boa)
• Croc Mummy
• Zeal for Zion (field herping)


• The Great Vivarium Build of 2012
• Frog on Fire (tomato frog)
• Giants of the Amazon
(Podocnemis turtles)