Breeder's Choice: Tessera Blood-Red Corn Snake

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Breeder's Choice: Tessera Blood-Red Corn Snake

Pantherophis guttatus

October 2010 Editor's Note
Reptiles Magazine 1005
Breeding Red-Footed Tortoises References

Richard Hume

Unique Serpents


Breeder comments

“Since being proven through breeding trials in 2008 by Don Soderberg (South Mountain Reptiles) to be the first dominantly inherited pattern trait in Pantherophis guttatus, tessera corn snakes have become popular for their beautiful coloration and pattern, as well as their mode of inheritance, which allows them to be reproduced in the first generation when bred to any other corn snake morph. In 2011, we are starting to see many of the first visual color tessera morphs, as they have been selectively crossed into the wide number of colorful corn snake varieties. Pictured here is the first tessera blood-red, which takes the blood-red corn and combines it with the tessera pattern to create a striking animal, which should turn redder as it matures. In addition, the parent blood-red used to make this animal is a pied-sided variant, so in the next generation, we should see pied-sided blood-red tesseras.”