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November 2010 Editor’s Note

Two shining examples of snake beauty.

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Reptiles Magazine 1103
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This month features articles on two very different snakes that do have one thing in common: They are among the most eye-catching snake species available to hobbyists today. One is one of the most common pet snake species of all time, the corn snake — and the only reason I don’t say it is the most common is because there’s no official documentation of this, though logic and my gut both tell me that it is. The other snake featured this month is the jungle carpet python, not usually a beginner species, but one hobbyists with more experience (not to mention more money) may gravitate toward.

While a corn snake’s normal colors and patterns are striking enough, the variety of colorful morphs have been in large part responsible for cementing the corn snake as a species that will remain forever popular. Kathy and Bill Love’s article (and who better to write about corn snakes?) provides all the best care tips people need to keep this species. As for the carpet python, anyone who knows what this snake looks like doesn’t need to be told that it is one of the most beautiful to be found. John Battaglia’s article offers tips for finding a trophy specimen to add to your collection.


Reptile beauty plays a huge role in purchasing decisions — before you buy based on looks, be sure you can provide proper care.