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The REPTILES Tat Attack Tattoo Contest In Back!

If you have a herp-inspired tattoo, we want to see it.

Children And Reptiles
The Python Ban:
July 2009 Editor's Note

The last REPTILES Tat Attack! contest was so wildly popular that we’ve brought it back. If you have a herp-inspired tattoo — whether of an actual species or a fantasy species based on an actual reptile(s) — we want to see it. The last contest resulted in some really impressive artwork, so we are looking forward to seeing what our readers share this time around. Plus, three winners will win cash prizes!

Ever considered taking a vacation with the family just to see herps in the wild? Check out Tyler Enfield’s herping in Costa Rica on page 32. The author and his family went looking for eyelash vipers in the rain forest and found the area to be rich in wildlife. And if rain forest denizens are a favorite, also check out the appealing cinnamon frog on page 20. These tiny anurans are both beautiful and entertaining, and you’ll find all the care info you’ll need if you want to try keeping them.


For the snake lover, we have a western hog-nosed snake care guide on page 44, including a gallery of morphs. Be sure to check that out!

Ever-changing herp legislation can confound today’s herp hobbyist. Read expert herper Bill Love’s tips for researching federal and state laws to find out if the reptile and amphibians pets you keep — or hope to keep — are legal in your hometown.

Remember, we want to see your reptile tats!  Read the REPTILES 2012 Tat Attack! contest rules on page 42!