The Dice Snake

The Dice snake is found in eastern Europe and western Asia.

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Distribution: Balkans and eastern Europe to central Asia.

Habitat: Most habitats, excluding dense woodland or desert, even in mountain streams.


Diet: Fish, occasionally amphibians.

Max. length: 500-800mm SVL (700-1000mm TL).

Reproductive strategy: Oviparous with clutches of 5-25 eggs.

The dice snake is distributed widely in eastern Europe and western Asia, though not as widely as the grass snake. Only one subspecies, N.t.heinrothi, is recognized, from the island of Serpilor (Osrov Zminyi) in the Black Sea. Dice snakes are more aquatic even than viperine watersnakes and of a more slender build. They have a chequered pattern which earns them their two common names.


Dice Snake

Mark O'Shea

The dice snake is found in eastern Europe and western Asia.

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