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Reptiles Magazine 0405

Check out what’s inside the May 2004 issue of Reptiles magazine.

Titanoboa Slithers Into New York’s Grand Central Station
Tornado Victims Can Board Their Animals At VCA Hospitals For Free
Herper Headshotz – David Kemp


This month:
May 2004

Rattlesnakes on the
Santa Fe Trail

Westering traders and troopers encountered diamondbacks, timbers, prairie rattlers and two species of massasauga.


A Secretive Gecko 
Uncover some tips for breeding for the unique South African banded gecko.

A Crocodilian Collection
Learn about all 23 species of these fascinating reptiles – including some man-eaters.
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Sea Turtle 911
A unique Florida hospital treats, rehabilitates and releases sea turtles back into the wild.

Join the Greek Fraternity 
This guide makes keeping these mellow chelonians easier than ever


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