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Reptiles Magazine 0312

Check out what’s inside the December 2003 issue of Reptiles magazine.

Herper Headshotz – Jay Brewer
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March 2010 Editor's Note


This month:
December 2003

Tracking Big Bend
Mud Turtles 

Follow biologists as they hunt for Kinosternon hirtipes murrayi. 


Strategies for the Long-term Care of Snakes 
These helpful care hints will keep your snakes thriving into old age. 

Wake Up to Water Monitors 
Learn about the latest advances in monitor husbandry with one of the hobby’s rising stars – Varanus salvator. 

Newt Speak
These caudatans are easy to care for, exhibit interesting breeding behaviors and beautiful coloration. 

Starting a Lizard Breeding Project 
Learn what to expect and how to begin breeding three species that are good for novices.


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