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Reptiles Magazine 0307

Check out what’s inside the July 2003 issue of Reptiles magazine.

Housing And Feeding Tegus
Huge Crocodilian Lived Alongside Titanoboa, The World's Largest Snake In Colombia
Dead Mice To Kill Invasive Snakes In Guam


This month:
July 2003


Where Have All the European Herps Gone?
An examination of European herps that have all but disappeared from the American pet trade.

The Striking Radiated Tortoise (Geochelone radiata)
Discover this beautiful but challenging chelonian’s natural history and captive care needs.

Captive Care of Uromastyx Lizards
Keep them hot and fed properly and these desert-dwellers should thrive.

Natural History and Captive Maintenance of the Louisiana Pinesnake
Habitat destruction has made wild Pituophis ruthveni an extremely rare snake.

Keeping and Breeding Three-Stripe Poison Frog, Tiger Morphs
Captive breeding might lead to mainstay status among hobbyists.



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