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Darts are harmless in captivity, species should not be mixed it causes stress and odd deformities if they cross breed, tanks should be sealed fairly w

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Darts are harmless in captivity, species should not be mixed it causes stress and odd deformities if they cross breed, tanks should be sealed fairly well to keep humidity in and fruit flies in but should have some screened ventilation for fresh air. There are tons of pages on Face Book full of info. Always do lots of research before buying animals like these it’s not worth the work involved if you do it wrong from the start. They are amazing creatures to keep and they will breed if the tank is set up correctly
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“TO the guy calling you an idiot for saying that captive dart frogs lack poison should read a little more, because this is absolutely correct! We don’t feed them the poisonous insects they get in the wild in great variety, therefore they have no poison.
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Have a 65G tank im considering changing into a Terrarium. I want to wall off part of it to proved a lake area with some guppy’s. Leaving the majority open for above ground terrarium scape. Where i would like a center piece animal. Would arrow frogs be a good fit for this kind of tank? Thinking maybe 3-5? all together.
Posted by Laz, Mar 7, 2019 11:30 PM

I have an open ventilated tank, so could I put a damp rag over it to also hold in moisture? And should I find the dirt outside somewhere where its not potting soil?
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If you have multiple should they all be the same species?
Posted by Anonymous, Dec 15, 2018 03:07 PM

Thanks for the info. The comments section seems to be a warzone XD.
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Thanks for the info. The comments section seems to be a warzone XD.
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is it easy to breed
Posted by Anonymous, Sep 19, 2018 06:37 PM

nice information
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I believe the comment had a typo. He/she was asking if they’re easy to breed not bread. Don’t be so quick to call people immature. It makes you look… immature.
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Posted by Anonymous, Apr 24, 2018 03:35 PM

Are they easy to bread?
Posted by Anonymous, Feb 23, 2018 05:12 PM

Absolutely great as a general guide into these frogs! I was just trying to decide which frogs i think will suit me best and this helped so much!!
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Great info helped a lot
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Great information and advise, helped me out loads, it’s a pity it’s wasted on some immature people shown in some of the previous comments when there is people like I who is serious about these frogs.
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I got a terrarium and I’m planning to get a frog so thanks 😁.
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the dart frogs available to the public do not have the poison secretions anymore. It is believed that their diet in the wild contributes to their poison. We can’t copy it. I handled them with no ill effect
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“amazing guide! I’ve been getting into dart frogs lately and been wanting to g my first dart frog, this guide really helped!

C.H.D Reptiles
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“This is a great explanation for a serious frog enthusiast. I was looking for a suggestion regarding ventilation. It was in fact covered in this writing. I am wondering how the tropical plants fare if there isn’t as much air flow as the florist says they need. I have a small personal fan mounted on my viv. I run it about 2 hours a day, is this enough air? It is a very densely live planted 90 gallon. I did use the substrate you mentioned not to use, but I am not experiencing any bad smells or decomposition. It’s been running for 6 weeks now. There are springtails and isopods employed. I have not been told to put froglets in a smaller tempor are container first, would they starve in a large container? Your site it’s the only time it’d have heard this. Well, thanks again for your suggestion, so I do think I will take your advice, it makes sense for the small little guys to get a good headstart in a smaller enclosure.
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Nice useful information, I am researching first before buying anything (which is now a rarity in the hobby)and this information is very useful! more information on the gravel would especially be usful wondering how to fertilise the plants
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