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Phil Goss Hired As President Of USARK

Goss has been active in the reptile hobby for more than 15 years.

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The board of directors of USARK has unanimously hired Mr. Phil Goss as their new president. Phil is a longtime herper, having been active in the hobby and industry for over 15 years. Phil currently owns Goss Reptiles (www.gossreptiles.com) and has worked in all aspects of the industry including pet shops, large scale breeder, pet distributors and industry manufacturer. Phil's love for all animals (but mostly reptiles) and his industry knowledge make him a perfect candidate for this position. Phil is a graduate from Indiana University with a degree in Education. USARK welcomes Phil Goss to the organization and looks forward to working with him as we move forward in 2013, protecting your rights to keep and breed reptiles.