New Reptile Online Classifieds!


New Reptile Online Classifieds!

Whether you want to buy or sell, our reptile online classifieds offer something for everyone.

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dart frog
Dart frogs are just one of the many types of live amphibians and reptiles currently for sale in our online classified section.

I’m playing pitch man with this blog, in that I’m touting our brand-new reptile classifieds section. I just want to be sure everyone who may be looking to purchase some animals knows about it. And, of course, I want to be sure anyone who is selling animals knows about it, too! The classifieds are useful not just for people who are looking to buy and sell live reptiles, either – you will also find products for sale, and can list your own products for sale, as well.

The landing page for the reptile classifieds can be reached by clicking on the link above, but it is also accessible by clicking on the “Reptiles For Sale” link in the left-hand navigation bar that appears on all pages. Note, too, that if you click on that link, a subhead titled “Classifieds” appears beneath it. If you click on that, you’ll go to the product/services classifieds section. Many of the ads you’ll see right now are freebies for the classified advertisers who currently have ads in REPTILES magazine. Anyone with a classified ad in the magazine gets a free ad on, too. Actually, not just one ad; they get dozens of free ads! This is a standing rule, so if anyone reading this blog currently has a classified ad in the magazine, you have a bunch of freebies sitting on the website (which is why you will notice several identical ads within a single section right now).


If you are a current advertiser that is just now learning about the free classified ads you have on the website, be sure to go in there and perform some maintenance. Everyone with free ads should have received an e-mail from BowTie that contained the login information necessary to change the ad text, add photos and move ads around into the different categories. Advertisers who did not receive this information should leave a comment below.

Currently, there are 12 categories visible on the breeder classifieds landing page. However, there are actually 32 animal categories available for people to post their ads within. There are also 20 products/services categories. The reason you don’t see all the available categories on the landing page right now is because a category doesn’t show up until some ads have been placed into it. That’s why breeders who have multiple ads grouped under a single category heading should go in and spread their ads into some of the other areas.

This may sound a bit confusing, but it isn’t. Everything is spelled out in the instructions, so it is easy to get going once you get logged in.

Best of all is the price. For only $16.95 a month, people can place up to three ads in every category. This could feasibly get you, based on the current number of categories available, 156 classified ads! Of course, some of the categories may not pertain to what you want to sell, but no matter how you slice it, $16.95 is pretty cheap. The price includes the opportunity for you to post multiple photos in each classified ad, choose icons that denote different services you may offer (such as credit card acceptance, availability to offer post-sales support, etc.), and you can also go in as often as you like and change the text/photos of the ads. As a matter of fact, it’s recommended that you do so, because every time you go in and tweak an ad, that jumps that ad to the top of the page.

I imagine most of you who are reading this do not sell reptiles, but if you are ever in the market to purchase some, you should keep an eye on the reptile classifieds section. It will allow you to keep abreast of some of the most recent animals available, new morphs, etc.


My fingers are crossed that ReptileChannel’s new reptile classifieds section becomes a frequent stop for both merchants and potential customers. Check them out!

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