Mystery Reptile Purple And Green

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Mystery Reptile Purple And Green

What type of herp are these eggs from?

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Q. We have several hundred egg-looking things around the back of a shed. Would you take a look at this picture and tell me if these are eggs? If so, what animal did they come from?

A. Thank you for sending a photograph of the “eggs” in question.


I know of no herp that lays purple and green spherical eggs, so my suspicion is that these are berries, fruits or seeds from some indigenous plant in your area. If there are not plants in the immediate vicinity where you found the suspicious objects, then perhaps a squirrel or other rodent has been stockpiling these potential food objects.

If you are interested in solving this mystery, I have several suggestions. You can always “sacrifice” one or two of these spheres (and I would suggest wearing gloves and protective facewear), just in case they might contain something caustic or toxic that could spurt out when opened.

If you are at all squeamish, you can take a few of these objects to your local agricultural extension service, as they should be able to identify what these are, if they are indigenous flora. Also, local plant nurseries, greenhouses and home warehouse stores (with a plant department) may also be able to identify what they are.

Of course, when I first examined your photo, my fertile and juvenile imagination conjured up all kinds of neat, strange herps in exotic colors that might hatch out of these mystery spheres! But alas, I think the answer is going to be much more mundane.

Thanks for writing in. If you find out what type of organic material these are, please write back to “Ask the Vet” and do let me know. You have piqued my interest!