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Knight Anole

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Temperament-wise, the knight anole is not the happiest camper in captivity. Most knight anoles are caught in Florida and don’t adapt well to captive conditions readily. If choosing a pet, select the smallest ones available so their chances of acclimating are better than with old adults that tend to be set in their ways. Do not try to house any other smaller lizards in their cage because they are on the menu of knight anoles. A cage for knight anoles should emphasize the vertical and be at least 3 feet tall. Install at least a couple stout tree limbs from the floor to the top of the cage, plus some horizontal branches for climbing. Position one limb so it allows the knight anole to bask under a heat lamp to optimize its temperature in a spot it can easily reach and climb down from multiple times each day. Insects are the favored food, but also leave soft, sweet fruits in shallow bowls where they can nibble to add variety to their diet. Large adult knight anoles will also take baby mice. Keep handling to a minimum with this species for it to thrive. The knight anoles shy nature and proclivity for biting generally will assure this.



Very arboreal, preferring large, shady trees with many crags


Cuba, with introduced populations in southern Florida

Scientific Name: Anolis equestris
Species Group: anole
Family: Iguanidae
Size: 12 to 18 inches
Level: intermediate
Dangerous: No

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