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January 2010 Editor's Note

Starting this issue, some column changes

Bob Ashley And Brian Potter Awarded Pet Advocates Of The Year By PIJAC
2012 NRBE Daytona Auction Proceeds To Benefit USARK
NARBC Chicago Auction 2009

As you look through this issue, you may notice that three of our columns are no longer with us.

The first is “News From the Reptile Realm.” We have to work far ahead of the cover month of any given issue. This means that by the time REPTILES is printed, mailed to subscribers, and later distributed to magazine racks in pet stores and newsstands, the news in our news column is not exactly breaking news anymore. To get news out sooner, we’ve transferred our news-reporting efforts to the news section of our website, ReptileChannel.com. I encourage you to bookmark ReptilesMagazine.com/ReptileNews for your reptile news fix.


As for “The Breeder’s Notebook,” we plan on running a breeding feature article in every issue instead of the column. In this issue learn how to breed albino carpet pythons. “Breeder’s Choice” will remain.

We also are discontinuing the “Repti-Gear” column. Product write-ups will now appear within one article in most issues, and they will be relevant to that article’s topic. For example, in “Broad Appeal,” this issue’s broad-leaf-tailed gecko article, you’ll find the “Gecko Gear” sidebar describing products geckokeepers may want to consider. “Reader Reward” will now appear in “Mailbag,” so you still have this chance each month to win free stuff!

We hope you like the changes!